Paying Taxes - Why It's Necessary


Paying Taxes - Why It's Necessary

Photo : Paying Taxes - Why It's Necessary

Let's face it; no one likes paying taxes. The thought of giving away your hard-earned cash is a hard pill to swallow.

Most adults find paying taxes to be a terrible burden and quite often face related issues. According to the professionals at, this can be avoided with effective tax planning. However, most people simply pay the toll because it's legally required without ever questioning why they're handing their money over to the government.

The truth is that without generating an income, no country will be able to grow or build the infrastructure it takes to improve the lives of its citizens. Thus, it's our obligation to do our bit by paying our dues to the government.

Yet, the question remains: "What happens to our tax money?" 

Infrastructure and Government

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Regardless of size, it's not cheap to run a country. Taxes, in all its forms, are the primary source of every nation's sustaining income. Without it, the government can't manage the territory, which leads to total social and economic collapse, and the country will fall to ruin.

Your contributions help subsidize various programs and civil operations, initiated by the leadership, to keep the nation alive. It's essential in funding national defense and providing infrastructure such as roads, bridges, institutions, etc.,

Social Welfare

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Each year, a large amount of revenue generated by the government goes toward funding social security and welfare programs. These packages are mainly aimed at providing necessary services and humanitarian care for the less privileged and unemployed. In the civilized world, this is vital in sustaining a balance and goes a long way to improve our standard of living.

The provision of these services won't be possible without taxes. Money set aside for social and welfare packages over the years has gone towards building various institutes and providing several subsidies, such as food stamps for the needy.

Improving Education and Healthcare

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A significant amount of the nation's income is spent on providing and improving healthcare and constructing new hospitals and other medical institutions. Many government-funded facilities offer quality healthcare at a minimum cost. It also subsidizes the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

Furthermore, a chunk of money is set aside for medical research programs to improve healthcare standards.

The same goes for schooling. Every year the government invests millions in primary, secondary, and tertiary education by both improving the current learning system and building new facilities. 

Avoid Repercussions

Paying your dues on time and in full will avoid the burden of being confronted with back taxes. However, when this happens, it's human nature to try and find ways to cut back on or even avoid paying what you owe. This can potentially land you in a heap of trouble and possibly even jail time. 

There are many tax services available to help you solve this problem and make arrangements with the IRS. Unfortunately, there are only two things in life that are unavoidable, taxes and death.

Be Patriotic and Do Your Part

As discussed throughout the article, your taxes are vital to the government and society's existence as we know it. Paying your dues helps to improve social standards, welfare, education, healthcare, and build infrastructure. Without revenue, the nation's leadership can't sustain the country or defend its borders. Therefore, it's your duty as a patriot to do your part.

However, it's important to note that the elected officials decide how much you get taxed and what happens to your money. So, be careful who you vote for. The wrong people in power can have a severe adverse effect on your social and financial circumstances.

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