Colleges Where You Get the Most for Your Buck in the US


Colleges Where You Get the Most for Your Buck in the US

Photo : Colleges Where You Get the Most for Your Buck in the US

American college-age teenagers are doing their best to find education at affordable prices. It's common knowledge that American college graduates are exiting schools with an insurmountable amount of debt, which is forcing younger students to look for alternatives.


One of the most well-known colleges in the US is Stanford. Part of what makes this a quality academic choice is its incredible track record. Its graduation rate is 93.8 percent. This is a good number compared to some of the other universities out there. The college is in the heart of Stanford, which is in California. Now, the price to get in can get a little high.

The average net price is around $13,261, but when you get this kind of quality education, you know you're getting pure value. Getting in is a little challenging, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you are thinking about Stanford, make sure you read about what kind of students they want, and do your best to model those kinds of students.

US Military Academy at West Point

There's not a lot of colleges as valuable as the US Military Academy at West Point. This is an academic choice where you won't have to worry about an application fee or tuition. When virtually every other college seems to be milking you out of your cash, this one does not.

It should also be pointed out that you are going to be getting a stipend, which could be $10,000. Getting in is difficult, but it's a top-rated college. The popular education site, gave it a score of 99.4, and that's difficult to achieve. Those who don't want to pay much for their education should figure out how to get into this college.

CUNY, Baruch College

Here's another great college to consider, especially if you want to go to a big city like New York City. The college is in this beautiful and lively city. People who want to dive into a different type of culture are going to fall in love with everything Baruch College has to offer. What makes this college a smart choice is because of it's high-quality education.

The students that graduate from this college have a chance of making it pretty far. Now, the average you'll end up paying per year could be up to $39,172, which is pretty high. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if this is the right option for you. Keep in mind this college is continuously ranked as one of the top colleges in the US. That speaks volumes as to what kind of education you'll get here.

Duke University

Duke University is a historic option that has a lot to offer anyone who decides to give this college a shot. This is a private university that does mean you are going to be paying a little more than public colleges, but you're getting a lot out of it. Duke University is in the beautiful state of North Carolina, in one of the most historic cities, which is Durham.

The moment you walk through the doors of this college, you'll feel the weight of the university's history. The school shines in computer science, economics, and public policy. One thing students love about this college is that most students are offered jobs before or right after graduation. Knowing you are more likely to land a job after gives you a sense of security, and that's priceless.

Brigham Young University

Utah, Provo is home to Brigham Young University and is proud of that. Everyone in the state knows this is one of the most effective colleges out there. Authority gave it a score of 92.5, which is a respectable score. You can expect a net price of about $12,974. That is okay for a university of this caliber. Part of what makes this university special is that it has a pretty good acceptance history.

It's not hard to get in, and that could make some people happy, especially students that didn't get in elsewhere. Now, the school is a private school, and it's run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just in case that matters to you. One reason people love going to this school is because of its research program, which is impressive. If you've got ideas, this is the place that'll nurture them.

Hopefully, you find your path through one of these options. If not, talk to a college counselor to help you find the right university for you.

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