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3 Best Online Jobs for Students + Tips


3 Best Online Jobs for Students + Tips

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As a student, you are probably already considering looking for a part-time job to get some pocket money and to become more financially independent. With the current market of online freelance jobs, finding a good opportunity is easier than it has ever been. There are hundreds of jobs you can do online and have a flexible schedule at the same time, which will give you enough time to study and maintain an exciting social life. Furthermore, you can use the skills you get from your freelance jobs later in your career. Here are some of the best online freelance jobs that are not only interesting and exciting for students, but also provide very good finances to those who are good at the craft. 

Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is an excellent option if you want to get some decent income while doing your studies. Plus, it's also good for your future job as you will already have quite a lot of experience when you graduate. The knowledge you gain will be useful if you consider working in copywriting, content writing, journalism, content management, or some other writing-related job.

Another perk of being a freelance writer lies in the fact that you get to manage your own schedule. Having found some freelance gigs or cooperations, you can decide when and where to write, which means great flexibility. You can also choose to write only about the things you are personally interested in, which will make the job even more enjoyable. The essay writers that work at essay service and help students with their college assignments prefer academic writing, you, on the other hand, can choose to write about technology, movies, psychology, and a thousand other topics. 


  • To get started as a freelance writer, you might have to do a few projects for free to build up a professional portfolio with articles you will, later on, show to your potential customers when making a pitch (a writing proposal); 

  • To accumulate a portfolio of articles, you should also consider starting a personal blog where you write and post your own articles, following the main topic of your blog. Alternatively, you can use platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to get some freelance gigs (and you will actually get paid for them, you get to determine what the pay should be like, but if you are a beginner it's better to start with low prices);

  • When you already have some experience, you can research some websites, magazines, and newspapers and write proposals for them to buy and publish your articles, which can result in very handsome pay.

Freelance Editor

This job is, in a way, similar to that of a freelance writer as you also get to deal with verbal content, but unlike the latter, you don't have to create texts from scratch. Instead, you get to revise and improve the works of others. In many cases, companies seek native speakers to proofread and edit articles that were written by non-native speakers to make sure the phrasing is smooth and faultless. That's one of the cases where your help, as a native speaker, will be very welcome. This area of editing is very broad as you can edit all sorts of texts, short articles, books, etc. You can also choose to specialize in a particular topic in editing. For example, you can choose to work with fantasy books only. You can also choose the complexity of the texts you get to edit. Everything will primarily depend on what it is you like about editing. 


  • To get some experience as a freelance editor or to at least understand what it actually is, consider editing some texts or articles for your friends;

  • It's also a good idea to apply for the position of campus newspaper editor. There you might also get some guidance on how to do the job right, which will make it easier for you to be a freelance editor;

  • Same as a freelance writer, you will also need a portfolio that clearly demonstrates the works you edited and the improvements you made;

  • Make some editor friends and ask for their advice on how to get better at the job, where to look for opportunities. It's always good to learn from those who have already been through the journey.

Voiceover Creator

As long as computers cannot make a perfect imitation of the human voice, the job of a voiceover creator will be relevant on the market (which is at least a couple of years). You are probably familiar with the voiceover king, Redd Pepper, even if you don't recognize his name, as he did voiceovers for some of the most famous films in the history of cinema. 

Have you ever received compliments on the way your voice sounds? Or maybe you are just a good speaker and sound well? Or maybe people enjoy listening to you reading books or poems out loud? And even if these are not really true about you, if you feel curious about the job, go for it! It is both an enjoyable activity and quite often very good pay. As more media pieces are being created, the demand for high-quality voiceovers is rising. You can be the voice behind a commercial, a website promo, a guide on how to use a tool, etc. All you need to have here is some natural talent for sounding well, good diction, and interest in the essence of the job. 


  • Once again, you can use freelance platforms like Fiverr to look for voiceover opportunities;

  • You need a minimal set of equipment to create high-quality audio content: a headset, a microphone (you can even go for something basic at the beginning of your journey), and audio recording software that you can easily install on your laptop; 

  • As a beginner, you can expect to get around $25 for a voiceover that takes approximately one hour to make

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