6 Ways Printing Can Help When Studying From Home

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6 ways printing can help when studying from home

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If you're now learning via online lessons and homeschooling sessions you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the transition from the classroom to a desk at home. But, there is one tool which you can use to make you journey through this period of your life as easy and stress-free as possible: the printer.

Not sure how it can help? Here we explore how you can use it to your advantage during this period of working from home

1. Print out worksheets 

Your teachers will likely be providing worksheets and handouts that you can use and sharing these via your school's intranet or communication app. Don't try and read these on your computer screen, print them out so that you can focus on them completely with no distracting tabs or programmes on screen. 

2. Quick flashcards

Typing can be much easier, quicker and neater than writing - especially if you're worried about something and writing in a hurry. Flashcards are a fantastic revision tool which can be made on your computer and printed out. Use these to test yourself at the end of the day with what you've been taught online to ensure the information has gone in. It will be more simple to make 50 revision cards digitally, than handwritten. You can then use different colours for different subjects to help you organise and remember them.

3. Annotate notes

Typing notes on a laptop or tablet has a range of benefits; not only are they clear, but they can also be easily edited. If, however, you are someone who likes to have a physical document when it comes to revision or studying, they are ready to be printed and annotated. If you notice an error on your notes, you can easily make a change. 

4. Make a presentation

This allows you to get creative during a stressful time. Make a presentation on your chosen subject using a range of colours and images which can help you remember what each slide was about. When you have finished it, you can print it out and keep it to hand for when you want to do some revision later when exam season picks up again. 

5. Online research

Where previous students were found roaming the library, delving deep into books to research for their lessons and taking notes on what they discover, students today can simply use the internet to find out what they want to know. They can then easily collate all of the information they find in one handy word document which can be printed out and filed for when they need to revise. 

6. Get creative

Being able to print allows you to be creative with how to take notes and make presentations on the computer. You can change fonts, colours and add images to help make it clear and concise for you. 

Investing a printer can really help today's students who are dealing with this new period of working from home. Printing can help in a range of ways - especially in the revision area. With the range of tools available on the computer, it means that researching for a piece of coursework or revising for a test doesn't need to be as time-consuming as previous years; simply type out your notes and hit print. 

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