Top Reasons To Visit Turkey In Your Gap Year

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If you have opted for a break from studies and want to travel and learn then you should opt to travel to Turkey.

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If you have opted for a break from studies and want to travel and learn then you should opt to travel to Turkey. Turkey is a country which is part of both Europe and Asia. A part of Turkey falls in Europe and the rest in Asia. The country is steeped in history with a rich culture which blends the old with the new. People who visit on Turkey tours marvel at the beauty of the country and its rich heritage. Given below are a few reasons to visit Turkey:


The erstwhile capital city of Turkey or Constantinople as it was called earlier was Istanbul. Now the capital is Ankara. Istanbul has a lot of history and the best part is that the city encompasses both Europe and Asia. If you travel by ferry you can reach the European part of the city from the Asian one. The historical part of the city is mainly in the European side and if your Turkey tours are all about history then you should visit the European side of the city. 


If you are a foodie then you will absolutely love the food in Turkey. The Mediterranean, Asian and European influences have created a totally wonderful Turkish cuisine. On your Turkey tours do not forget to try the kebabs, the shawarma, the kofte and for those with a sweet tooth the baklava


If you love the sun and the sand then you have a lot of options in Turkey. The best beaches are in Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir. You can explore the coves here or just laze in the sun. You can also go on the famous Blue Cruise while on Turkey tours and visit the beaches that abound along the Mediterranean Coast as well as the Aegean Coast.

Turkish Baths:

Well, who hasn't heard about the Turkish baths, and what better way to relax than to visit a Turkish bath or Hamaam as they are called? It is an experience that you will never forget. You will be scrubbed and cleaned with soap and you will feel really clean after your bath.

Blue Mosque:

Well, most photographs of Turkey in tourist magazines will feature the Blue Mosque. It is a feature of the Ottoman Empire. The splendid Mosque is a very popular attraction. The grandeur of the mosque is seen to be believed and when you see it in all its glory in the evening when it is blue you will feel close to God and nature. The blue mosque should be on the bucket list of everybody.

Hagia Sophia:

The Hagia Sophia was the largest building in the whole world when it was constructed. It is by no means small now, but bigger structures have come up around the world. The Hagia Sophia is near the Blue Mosque and whoever visits the mosque makes it a point to visit the Hagia Sophia too. This building is now a museum but it was a Greek Orthodox Church at one time. Later it was a mosque during the Ottoman reign. It is a very popular destination for tourists and a visit is a must if and when you visit Turkey.


If you want to spend a weekend in a tourist resort in Turkey then Antalya is the place you need to go to. It is one of the top tourist destinations due to its beauty and thousands of visitors throng this place in the summer.


If you are a history student, Turkey has a lot to offer for you. Epheseus is one such place. It is an UNESCO heritage site. The Roman city is wonderfully preserved and you cannot find a better Roman city in the Mediterranean region. If you want to experience the Roman Empire and how they lived then visit Epheseus and the giant monuments there. You need at least one day to really explore this place.


The rock formations of Cappadocia should be seen to be believed. You should take a hot air balloon ride to really enjoy the scenery here. There are underground cities here which you can explore. You can hike around the rock formations too. This place should be on your bucket list.


For those historically inclined a visit to the ruins of Ani is a must. Not many people visit the place and it is near the Armenian border. The ruins have been preserved well and you can have a great time exploring this.


Last but not the least, the people of Turkey are the reason you should visit the country. The people are very hospitable and will make you really comfortable. You will not feel like a guest at all, they will make you feel at home. Do not be surprised if strangers invite you to their homes for tea or even lunch or dinner.

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