How to Create a Small Website That Earns You Some Extra Cash


How to Create a Small Website That Earns You Some Extra Cash

Photo : How to Create a Small Website That Earns You Some Extra Cash

If you want to earn a few extra bucks on the side, a small website could be what the doctor ordered. Setting up a website doesn't need to get out of hand - just a focal point that is realistic to your situation.

There's virtually an unlimited number of ways a website can generate income. 

But ask yourself this: What problem can I solve?

To narrow down your options, it's important to know exactly what you can offer to the world. Consider the following...

  • What can I provide?

  • Who am I targeting?

  • How can they find me?

Now that you've decided what your website will entail. We can explore a step by step guide on proven profitable practices!

Common Ways to Monetize a Website

Let's go over in-demand approaches to using a website to make money.

Selling Products

If you didn't get the memo, people love buying things online. Even right now, if you got into the habit of selling your belongings, every item around you is sellable.

Consider website builders such as Shopify to expedite these five popular types of items to sell online:

  1. Toys & Games

  2. Electronics

  3. Clothing

  4. Sports & Outdoors equipment

  5. Automotive 

Start selling on known platforms first. If that goes well and the fees feel unnecessary, research e-commerce strategies to sell directly from your own website.

Selling a Service

Are you great with dogs? Can you teach someone to moonwalk? Show off your skills with an attractive layout to highlight your skill or talent. 

Here are three popular services offered by millions of people right now. 

  1. Lessons - Tutoring, dancing, archery, you name it. If it's teachable, it's chargeable. Check out online platforms like Udemy or Teachable for inspiration. 

  2. Pet Services - Sign up with a pet boarding/walking website or create your own with a website builder like Wix and be the next Dr. Dolittle. 

  3. Freelance - Are you a photographer? Writer? Graphic Designer? Your in-demand skills can be a profitable side gig. 

Create a Blog

With a little patience, gradually build up content that entices advertisers to promote your blog. Eventually, reliable cash flow can take your blog to the next level.

Your Property Can Generate Monthly Income

This needs to be its own section because it's about all about using possessions you already own. Advertise the following on a website you create or an established platform.

A Spare Room

Got a spare room in your house? Rent it out to someone that needs a workspace or a bed to crash on. We all know about the success Airbnb has reached, consider listing a room (or your entire home) on a platform like Kijiji or your very own website.

Rent Out Your Car

If you don't use your car on weekends or weekday nights, someone else may pay to use your vehicle when you're not. Companies also pay drivers to advertise their product or service by "car wrapping" a sign on non-commercial vehicles. Factor in wear and tear, and gas expenses if you go down this route.


Remember when we said people love buying things online? Well, space is finite, so that means at some point they need to store that stuff somewhere. Why not charge them? From furniture and tools to office supplies, the primordial need to hoard stuff can mean monthly income for you.

How to Get Paid and Keep Getting Paid

Whatever you choose to do on your website, these tips are imperative for long-term success.

  • Make a PayPal account - It's the most popular method to receive payment. 

  • Take good pictures - Some of the aforementioned ideas don't require pictures for every little thing. But making it easy for potential clients and customers to see what you offer can build trust. 

  • Honesty - Be transparent about your merchandise or service. Positive reviews can go a long way!

The great thing about creating a website to make extra cash is you are your own boss and you decide how much time to invest. Remember, there's likely someone out there looking to pay for what you offer. Good luck!

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