Three Tips for Finding the Best GRE Prep Course That Works For You


Three Tips for Finding the Best GRE Prep Course That Works For You

Photo : Three Tips for Finding the Best GRE Prep Course That Works For You

The GRE or Graduate Record Examinations is a big deal for people who plan to attend graduate school because most graduate school programs require you to take the GRE before you can get admitted. The success of your application will largely depend on your GRE score. It's the reason why choosing the right GRE course to prep for the test is essential. 

The GRE course you'll choose can make or break your goal. The only problem is that it can be daunting to select the best one out of all the many choices available out there. In this article, you'll learn everything about Graduate Record Examinations prep courses. From the different types of classes available to the things to consider when finding the best one for you.

The Different Prep Courses To Choose From

GRE prep courses come in three different types. They are listed below, together with their brief descriptions to give you an idea of how each of them works.

  • One-On-One Tutorial

If it's highly-customized learning that you're looking for, then consider hiring a tutor for one-on-one help. A one-on-one tutorial is almost the same as in-person classes. It actually follows the same format. However, the lessons can get tailored to your specific needs since you'll be the only person who'll attend the class.

  • Online Classes

If you always have a busy schedule and prefer to go through the learning materials in your free time anywhere you want, an online prep course may work best for you. It's the same as in-person classes since it will most likely cover the same material. However, instead of giving the lessons personally, you'll communicate or interact with the professor online, using your computer. 

Some of the lectures get conducted live while others will get pre-recorded. That said, you'll have the chance to go back to the lessons as many times as you want or listen to it at your most convenient time. Also, expect for practice questions and some online drills that you'll have to complete.

It's essential to note that not all online prep courses will give you the chance to complete lessons and quizzes anytime you want. Yes, you heard it right; some classes will require you to work at a particular time. That said, you have to be careful when selecting one and make sure to gather and go through all the details about the course before making a decision.

The best online classes to prepare for the GRE should give you the chance to talk to a professor in real-time for help or advice. It should also customize the lessons, focusing on your weaknesses or the areas where you need to improve further.

  • In-Person GRE Prep Classes

If you want to be with a group of students when attending classes for your GRE preparation, go for an in-person course. With an in-person class, you have to attend lectures at least once a week. It works the same as traditional classes wherein an instructor or professor will try to explain topics in different subjects. You can also ask questions while the lecture is ongoing. The good thing about in-person GRE prep classes is that you'll get a better explanation of what to expect from the test. They even give test-day tips to help you perform at your best.

So, now that you already have an idea of the different types of GRE prep courses you can choose from, it's time for some tips to ponder as you start finding the best class for you.

Three Tips for Finding the Best GRE Prep Course That Works For You
(Photo : Three Tips for Finding the Best GRE Prep Course That Works For You)

1. Determine Your Goals

Before starting your search for the best prep course, determine your score goals first. It would be best to find out the result that you want to achieve for each of the test sections.

Take a practice test to see where you currently are in terms of scoring. It will help you figure out how far you are from your target score and will let you know which sections you have to focus on as you prepare. 

An in-person or an online class is your best bet if you only want to improve on one or two sections. However, you'll be better off taking a one-on-one tutorial if it's a significant score increase that you want.

2. Understand Your Preferred Learning Method

Each person learns faster and better in a specific way. That said, it's best to understand your preferred learning method and build on it as you try to find the best GRE prep course for you.

For example, try to figure out if you're going to be more comfortable learning with a group or on your own. Also, do you think a more structured class works better for you? Or more freedom will help you to perform at your best?

When choosing the best GRE prep course that works for you, your personal learning preferences play a significant role, so it's best to consider them before coming up with a decision.

3. Check The Cost Out

Last but not least, consider the cost of taking a specific GRE prep course. Some ways to prepare for the test are free, while others can be costly. 

It's essential to determine your budget or know how much you'd be willing to spend for your preparation. Check the prices for each prep course available, and weigh whether their pros and cons are worth your hard-earned money.


By following the tips mentioned in this post, you get to educate yourself about your options. Determining your goals, understanding your learning preferences, and figuring out how much you're willing to pay for a course will help you find the best GRE course that fits your needs.

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