5 Reasons to Use Examples of Essays While Writing Your Own Paper


5 Reasons to Use Examples of Essays While Writing Your Own Paper

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An essay assignment is a crucial part of the study that helps students develop and apply their learning, researching and writing abilities. On the other hand, of those who are facing it the first time may find it one of the toughest tasks in their study. If you are one of them and having a hard time understanding how to get hands-on essay writing, reading this article will do a lot of help. We have discussed the 5 reasons why using examples of others’ essays while writing your own paper is sure to ease your task for you.

1. Knowing about how basics are used practically

You can find a lot of articles and guidelines about the basics of essay writing. A lot of material is out there on the internet giving tips on how to write an effective essay. But they are just theoretical things and you may get stuck in the process or easily end up writing a very mediocre essay.
Arguably, the best thing to learn how to write a really effective paper is to study examples of essays on different educational sources like They not only give you the ideas for your topic but also help you understand the practical way of using the basics of effective essay writing. For this reason, example essays are a must thing to go for before (or while) writing your own paper.

If you need a custom essay sample, it is also a good idea to use an academic writing service. Some of the most popular ones are listed on, so you can get an essay sample that is specifically tailored to your exact essay question. This resource may help you pick a reputable writing service among dozens of different options available online. 

2. Understanding which styles best match your topic

Every writer has a unique tone in his/her work. The same applies to different essay types and which certainly require different styles of writing. It’s like dressing up your essay so that the reader finds it appropriately written and will be lured to read it till the last line.
Depending on your topic, you have to apply a style appropriate for each. For example, if your topic is about a specific situation or event that needs explanation along with evidence, you should use the expository style. When you have to thoroughly describe a topic to form a clear idea in the minds of your readers, a descriptive style is good for your essay.

Thus, reading different examples will go a long way in understanding this side of the art of essay writing.

3. How to keep it easy and simple using proper structure

Writing in well-structured sentences and using a wide range of proper lexis makes your essay professional and vivid. However, many students also need to understand the importance of structure. This can be best done by going through some good examples of essays.
This aspect of essay writing can be easily left out of your sight if you don’t know about it. But as you are already aware of its importance, pay attention to the structure of successful essay examples. Observe the length of paragraphs, divisions of information into headings and bulleted or numbered list, etc. If you learn the technique of structuring texts properly, writing an effective essay can be an easy task.

4. Learning about the sequence and flow of information

A lot of students fail in effectively proving their essay statement due to unorganized writing and an incorrect sequence of information. Moreover, they don’t know the importance of the transition from one paragraph or section to another. This is where good examples of essays can be of great help.
Read sample essays carefully to know how the writer has conveyed his/her views about a topic one by one. Readers don’t like to jump from one point to another to get the idea and may get confused when a proper sequence is not maintained. Also, observe the section headings as they are used to clearly outline the content and give an idea of what is coming next. This helps keep readers interested.

5. Finding out and developing your own unique writing style

The good thing about great writers is that they have their unique tone that keeps their audience interested in their work. Some of the are efficient in applying different styles for different topics and is very helpful in writing different types of essay effectively. Additionally, they successfully combine their own tone and appropriate style to convey their essay statements efficiently.
Reading different examples of essays can be of great help with this aspect. If you observe keenly, you would be able to identify different styles and tones used in successful essays. Ultimately, it will prove to be effective in knowing and developing your own writing style.


When it comes to writing an essay, students look for help from their teachers or other professionals. But they may also benefit from the essay examples, too. If you want to write an effective essay paper, it is wise to study the sample papers available online. They are useful in understanding basics, structure, writing style suitable for the topic, and the flow of information that makes a perfect essay, as well as perfecting your own style and skills, which will pay.

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