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At one point or the other, you may have come across the Timothy Sykes Millionaire Trading Challenge and wondered what it is all about. Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the challenge, let's once again talk about the founder himself - Timothy Sykes. Timothy Sykes, or Tim Sykes like some calls him, is a well-seasoned penny stock trader. He is famous for flipping $12,000 in Bar Mitzvah fund to a whopping $1.65 million-plus profit prior to graduating from Tulane University. His trading career continued as he established a hedge fund. He also appeared on "Wall Street Warriors," a popular reality TV show.

Tim Sykes released a financial book in December 2007, titled "An American Hedge Fund," explaining how he made $2 million as a stock operator. He also opened an educational service that guides traders on how to profit in a highly volatile penny stock market. Tim has been successful in the penny stock world for over 20 years and has put those years of experience into his launched mentorship program - The Millionaire Trading Challenge. Throughout these years he has netted a profit of over $5 million. He has also built successful traders like him, with one even surpassing him in trading profits.

Two decades have witnessed the success of Timothy Sykes in the penny stock markets. Due to the amount of misinformation about penny stocks in circulation, he founded which helps traders filter the noise and pick out genuinely profitable traders from phony artists on the internet. Since inception, has immensely grown to become an educational hub where Tim and his successful students share vital trading information to all types of traders, thereby launching their trading careers further.

The crẻme de la crẻme of Syke's educational platform is the Millionaire Trading Challenge. Just as implied in its name, the trading challenge is centered around empowering individuals to become millionaire traders via Tim's trading strategy and guidance. He keeps it real by informing students that it is highly feasible to make your first million in a short time; however, it would require a lot of commitment, dedication and determination. Besides, nothing good in life comes cheap. Be it as it may, you can have a headstart in your trading career by being a part of the Millionaire Challenge. The content available on this mentorship program supersedes that of other trading services in terms of quantity and quality.

Why Is This Challenge So Special?

What is all the buzz about the Tim Sykes's Millionaire Trading Challenge? One may wonder what makes this challenge unique. Aside from the decades of trading experience gathered and made available to students, Tim commits expends hours of his personal time on a daily basis with his students. Hence, he is keen on the type of individual that should be on the program. Despite how promising the program is, it is not just available to everyone. There are prerequisites that must be met to be on the platform: an intending student must be willing to show commitment to whatever information and instruction is being given. This way, time is not wasted. Also, mediocrity is not entertained on the platform, as it is for only serious students.

Once you subscribe to the program, you are offered the following educational resources:

  • Over 6000 video lessons

  • Over 3 weeks live webinars available from Tim and his team

  • More than 800 webinars provided by Tim and his top students

  • TimChallenge Chat Rooms and TimAlerts available to subscribers

  • Access to 14 educational DVDs

Some individuals may find the exhaustive content overwhelming, but it is worth checking out each material. To get the trading using Timothy Sykes's strategy, here are some tips that have been compiled for your use:

  1. When trading during afternoon periods, it best to watch out for periods of consolidation. This is where the price market movement goes sideways - neither bullish or bearish. Pay attention to Lionmaster as patterns are not all the time accurate as predicted. It is advised that you short-sell the weakest stock, and not the strongest.

  1. It is futile to set profit goals as you can not predict the market 100 percent all the time or push opportunities.

  1. After you have analyzed the market, you can make predictions. However, if the market goes against you, do close your trade quickly to reduce your losses. It is advised that you do not double-up in hopes to recover your losses.

  1. You will succeed if you put in hard work.

  1. Early morning high volume breakouts are worth buying. Even if your calls are correct, the market outcome is the ultimate deciding factor.

  1. Do not try to predict the news because you can't.

  1. Hot stocks move on their own accord, not dependent on the market. This implies that before they become negative on the day, they are targets for short squeeze. So do not short until such period elapses.

  1. Perception supersedes business reality and when that fails, all you have left are chart patterns.

  1. Watch out for the best opportunities.

  1. In a case scenario where the stock market price reacts in contrast to your analysis, it is advisable that you check out. Don't stay too long in the market hoping for a reversal.

  1. The first and last hour of the day are important to a trader.

  1. It is important that you remain cautious when entering the market, as your money is at stake. It can be mind-boggling having many stocks in play.

  1. Do not get in a trade to get back at a loss.

  1. It is not ideal to short-sell a stock based on your impression of a breakdown in its value. You need to wait till other some important levels are taken out.

  1. Trading random stocks would only lead to random results. Be mindful of the stock you intend to trade.

  1. In case of a wrong prediction, get out of the market quickly. Do not wait in hopes that the market would reverse in your favor.

  1. Before taking a trade, you need to watch out for a real breakout. That way even though your timing is not perfect, you can make a killing in the market.

To be a successful trader via the mentorship program, you need to understand the nitty-gritty of penny stock trading that has been made available on the platform. Also, with dedication and focus, you have a higher chance of succeeding. If you wish to know more about the Millionaire Trading Challenge, please visit this link:

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