The Decision to Drink and Drive: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


The Decision to Drink and Drive: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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You've heard the "Don't drink and drive" motto since before you obtained a licence to operate a motor vehicle. In fact, it's so familiar that you don't even think about it. That can be unfortunate since you may be tempted to decide that those few drinks you just had are not enough to impair your driving ability. When that's not the case, the consequences can be dire. What could go wrong if you try to drive after what you think were a few harmless drinks? Here are some examples.

Injuries to You and Anyone In Your Path

Driving under the influence means that your senses are not as sharp as they are any other time. Your reflexes are slower and you're less likely to observe what's happening around you with the same level of skill. That can result in an accident the leaves you and anyone else who was unlucky enough to be on the road with a serious injury.

How would you feel knowing that your choices landed someone else in the hospital? Taking things further, how would you live with yourself if your choices led to the death of another person? Setting aside the legal ramifications for a moment, you will never get over the guilt that comes with claiming another life, no matter what you try to do.

Potential Property Damage

Depending on how impaired your senses happen to be, you could end up having to pay for quite a bit of property damage. It's not just damage to another vehicle. It's possible to take down shrubs, run into trees, and even drive into a residence while under the influence. The amount of damage you could do to different types of property could be significant. Even with insurance, you could end up spending much of the next several years paying for the damage.

Wrecking Your College Career

Did you know that the authorities report DUI convictions to colleges and universities? If you are currently enrolled in school, rest assured the courts will be in touch with the administration. The impact on your college career could be significant.

If you have a scholarship, the DUI could mean that you have to kiss it goodbye. You're likely to be placed on probation and may even be expelled. If that happens, finding another school that will allow you to enroll won't be easy. Even then, you may have to settle for one that does not have the best reputation in the business community.

And Doing the Same to Your Employment Prospects

Depending on the type of career you want to pursue, a DUI conviction could close quite a few doors. Even if you do land a job, that entry level position may be as far as you advance. That's because your conviction makes you more of a risk in certain job positions. An employer may be willing to trust you with certain responsibilities, but others end up getting the promotions because they are equally qualified and don't have the baggage of a DUI conviction.

If you do make a mistake and end up being arrested for impaired driving or driving under the influence, hire a DUI lawyer immediately. They do their utmost to fight the charges and will utilize every legal means to minimize the impact on your life. 

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