Becoming a More Relaxed and Productive Student in 4 Engaging Ways


Becoming a More Relaxed and Productive Student in 4 Engaging Ways

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Being a student comes with its fair share of difficulties, regardless of your age or the type of educational system you're following, for that matter. One of the most difficult aspects is the learning process itself, since it's riddled with roadblocks, high volumes of information or even information that you don't necessarily find utility for at all times. However there are methods that can help students boost their ability to slow down, focus and synthesize information in a way that streamlines the learning process and propels them closer to their end goals:

1. Practicing Daily Meditation 

There has been a lot of talk about meditation these past years, as it gradually found a way into more and more people's daily lives. This is mostly because practicants are starting to discover its multiple benefits that tend to span over their physical, emotional and spiritual sides. Having said this, there is an abundance of meditation techniques out there, each of them with their own purpose and style. 

To this end, countless studies have proven that daily mindfulness meditation sessions, for example, will have tremendous effects on your well-being by slashing the inflammatory response caused by stress. This type of meditation also helps you become more centered, calmer and more inclined to adopt a positive attitude. Considering meditation teaches you to continuously be focused on the present moment, it also lengthens your attention span considerably. As a student you may already know these attributes or lack thereof can make or break your studying game in the long-term.

2. Engaging in Sports 

Sports are detrimental to a student's physical and psychological health, as engaging in some sort of regular sports activities will help decrease stress levels and improve your ability to focus. Since sports are mostly fast-paced and goal-oriented, they will help you get a better grasp on what tasks are more important, while also motivating you to leave those procrastinating days behind. 

Sports also inherently teaches you how to deal with failures, which in turn will make you as a student become more proactive and ready to get back in the game, regardless of the difficulties you are facing. So, regardless if you are planning to enroll in an online class with reputable portals such as or in a traditional type of educational system, practicing sports as little as 1-2 times a week will help you become a more relaxed and productive student.3. Declutter and Organize Your Life

Unfortunately, students often tend to underestimate just how important their living and working environment is and more often than not will let clutter fill up their lives. It's been proven that our brains on clutter actually become cloudier and more anxious, which in turn leads us to adapting coping mechanisms, such as watching TV shows or eating junk food. However decluttering can also feel like an impossible and painful task, especially to those suffering from a form or another of hoarding disorder. 

Thankfully, science backs up the benefits of decluttering, leading us to understand that if we commit to cleaning out our personal environments, we will most likely commit to solving other problematic aspects of our lives as well. As a student, you'll see an increase in your quality of sleep and diet, as well as in your ability to focus and efficiently carry out tasks.

4. Work On Your Note-Taking Skills

An inability to perform in school can also be linked to something seemingly unimportant as note-taking. Take the time to objectively assess how you take your notes while you are in class or while you browse books and you may find that sometimes they are incomplete or jotted down in a hurry. 

It's also important that when you take notes, you do so mindfully so you can assimilate the information as you write it down and create a strong base to which you can later on add missing details. There are many note-taking techniquesout there and there is certainly one that best fits your personality as well.

All in all, being a student is all about balancing your projected goals and the effort it takes to meet them with the ability to relax and have fun. By implementing the techniques above into your life, you'll most likely see how this balance is easier to attain than you ever thought was possible.

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