The Pros and Cons of Living with Roommates in College


The Pros and Cons of Living with Roommates in College
The Pros and Cons of Living with Roommates in College
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During college, many students are required to live in a dormitory or shared apartment. This is the period of major transitions in your daily routine. One of those is to live with a total stranger.

Obviously, there are pros and cons of having a roommate in college, here are some things you need to take note:

PRO: Save money on rent and utilities

Living with a roommate in college means that mandatory fees will be shared. You can split the cost of rent and utilities. This means that you can consider staying in a nicer, larger, and more comfortable apartment than you could if you were to choose to live alone. You can also split the cost of other shared items, like major appliances and basic supplies. Make sure that every rule about these shared costs is known by your roommate. It's better to disclose even those little issues to avoid misinterpretation.

CON: They may miss payments

The problem with the shared obligation to the cost of rent and utilities is that they have to be settled whether or not your roommate has the means to pay in that month. If your roommate is not consistent when it comes to making payments, it could end up costing you more than living alone. When deciding on a roommate, consider their family, work, and financial history. Is there a family member you can contact during emergencies? Do they have bad records of debt or making late payments? These factors might not just leave you with larger problems than you expected, but could dramatically impact your credit history as well.

PRO: Cleaning routine is divided

It's a lot easier to keep your apartment when you can divide the chores with another person. If you're really lucky enough to have a responsible roommate, you could also enjoy the perks of having a clean place to stay.

CON: They help make a mess

Well, if it happens that you have a messy roommate, you are surely going to have a headache. Two people living in one apartment means dirt can easily multiply in time. Dishes can pile up and trash bins may overflow and get stinky. It can also be easy for your roommates to pass on this obligation. Inviting visitors on weekends can also make your room filthy. So make the cleaning routine mandatory not voluntary. 

PRO: Shared furnishings

Buying furniture or appliances is great, especially when it will be divided into two. The very problem that can arise is how you are going to split those items when your contract of living together is finished.

CON: Less privacy

Well, private is now public. Your bedroom may be the only place you can enjoy the privacy and tranquility but if your roommate has boundary and insensitivity issues that may cause you so much hassle. It is really hard to concentrate during study periods. Some of your valuable things like books, gadgets, and even clothes might be used by your roommate without asking your permission. If you enjoy solitude most of the time, living with a roommate is not for you.

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