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A Lesson in Gratitude: Things Kids Can Make That Will Teach Them How to be Grateful


Things Kids will Make Remember How to be Grateful
Things Kids will Make Remember How to be Grateful
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The word "thank you" sounds like music to ears. The gratitude shown by other people, especially by kids, can warm every heart. It is because children are the most genuine people that can show you gratefulness.

Gratitude is not only about being grateful or appreciative of something but more importantly, it is a way to feel happiness, love, and contentment.  We should nurture the future generation and educate them on the things that can teach these tiny ones on how to be an appreciative person as early as today.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Friendship. Introduce your child to some new friend of the same age range. It can be  anyone from the daughter of your neighbor to a son of your coworker. Friends who can be a good example to your child will be the foundation of his gratitude and thoughtfulness. You can let your child bring extra chocolate cookies to share at lunchtime.
  • School teachers. Most of the kids spend most of their time with teachers. It is true that they get paid to teach, but their job is as tough as being a full-time mom. This profession is often not appreciated by many people. Teachers are the second parents to your child. Show your child while you build the parents-teachers relationship so that they can learn how to appreciate and be grateful for their instructors. Encourage them to write a thank you note for their teacher, remember them during holidays and show gratitude by giving inexpensive gifts like homemade cookies, and most importantly love their teacher as they love their parents.
  • Greeting Cards. One of the best ways to teach your children how to express their feelings is through written words with the magical touch of art. Custom greeting cards can be used during the celebration of any occasion. Have fun doing this simple bond. Teach your child how to make cards: birthday card, Christmas card, thank you card, Mother's day card, Father's day card and so on. Not all children are as vocally expressive as the other. This is one way they can show their true feelings without hesitation.
  • Simple workers. In our society, we cannot live our lives to the fullest without the help of minimum wage workers who usually work by heart. You should teach your child the importance of these peoples' jobs. Your kids are supposed to thank the school bus driver every day he/she drops them at school or home. Your kids should learn to say thank you to the garbage collectors who regularly clean your bin. Your kids should learn to thank a fast food crew who prepares their meals. Explain to your child how important it is for these persons to be appreciated.

Children are like seedlings. We need to nourish them so that they can be a good person in the future. We might need material things to continuity living but every day is not all about money. There are so many things that the kids will face when they get exposed to the real world. Teaching them kindness, gratitude, and other core values will make them grow as a sturdy bamboo tree that can go along will the strongest winds that they might encounter along the way.

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