Avoid Emails and Use Project Management Apps to Successfully Complete Projects

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Email causes tension, creates unnecessary work, and overwhelms people. Under these circumstances, no one can be the best version of himself at work.

Organizations have begun moving away from email in favor of group chat apps like Slack and other communication tools in the workplace over the past few years. Finding the right tool, or set of tools, can impact the team's ability to abandon their conventional inboxes. The software for project management should be part of the solution for many teams.

Project management technology is an online tool used by teams to monitor progress, often called project management apps. In the broadest sense, from complicated piece of work management software like Microsoft Project to a simple to-do app, a project management app could be anything. The beefiest applications include other resource management business tools, time spent on job reporting, or even billing.

There are different types of collaboration applications separate from project management apps. That said, there is a substantial overlap between these two groups and a few others, such as kanban board apps and work-management apps. Apps like Asana, Trello, Airtable, and Basecamp aren't strictly project management apps so we can also use them.

A project is a number of tasks. The person who knows what all these tasks are-or at least supervises them- is a project manager. The project manager often doles out the tasks or positions them in a pool for people to assert. Then the project manager must keep an eye on the projects and the people performing them until all of them are completed.

Not every team has a project manager in its own right, but most of them have someone in charge. It might be a business owner, executive, or member of a group. Whoever is the point person or decision-maker on a daily basis is your project manager.

Different apps for project management have different communication tools. For example, almost all of them support "@ mentions". Seeing that Slack and other apps for team messaging have become so popular, you can often link them to your app for project management, streamlining your conversations to one location.

If you don't already have an app for group chat, you could miss it and search for an app for project management that has an online chat box. It is supported by both Zoho Projects and ProofHub.

Let's assume that the task in question has many visual elements, and it needs to be discussed by the team working on it. If you have picture markup software in your project management app, your life will be much simpler. In this way, you can write and add notes on a photo digitally, making it easier for everyone in your team to give input and to understand it.

Volerro is one example of an app with markup tools for project management.

The benefits of getting a team off email and collaborating in a project management system can be massive. The reduction of email alone is sure to make us happier, but this pales compared to the added value of being more open about who is doing what, what else they are doing, and the status of each task in real time so that the project can be completed successfully.

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