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3 Tips To Make Wrapping a Gift Basket Easy this Holiday Season


Tips for Wrapping a Gift Basket
Tips for Wrapping a Gift Basket
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The most important thing about giving a gift is its presentation. Wrapping a gift in a box is already difficult but wrapping a basket is harder. Gift basket can either be an oval, circle, hexagon, or irregularly shaped. So decorating a basket will be quite challenging, especially for beginners. But with the use of some cellophane wrapper, tape, cards, tulle, and ribbon, you'd be amazed as everything would go perfectly in place.

1.     Prepare the Materials

Have every material on the table. Once your basket is already assembled, you are ready to start wrapping. Some items will jut out a bit but it is normal. This idea will get rid of your fear about irregularly shaped baskets because any basket size and design will work. The best option is to wrap gift basket with cellophane bag. The following are what you need:

  • Basket with arranged items
  • Printed cellophane, colored cellophane, shrink wrap or wrapping paper. The size should triple the basket
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner, twist tie, or anything to wrap it together
  • Bow

2.     Wrapping Instructions

  • Flatten the cellophane onto the table and place the basket in the middle. Spread it out on an even surface and make sure there are fewer crumbles as you want it to be presentable. If you have a huge basket to wrap, you may need another piece of cellophane to put under the basket as an extra protective layer.
  • When you already centered the basket, measure its height. After the measurement, make sure that every side is few inches longer than the height of the basket. Lift up the long sides of the cellophane and fold in the short ones. Cling all the sides together and adjust the sides which you may find too short if necessary. It is easy to assemble gift basket with this kind of technique.

3.     Adding the Bow and Finishing Touches

  • Place a twist tie around the neck of the basket. You can use a pipe cleaner or anything that will be sturdy enough to hold it together. You can always take it off after the bow is placed on.
  • Alternatively, you can use clear packing tape on the neck, it is not removable but it is not noticeable as long as you wrap it neatly.
  • Every gift should have a bow, and this basket wrapped with cellophane should also have its own. Slowly tie the bow around the neck of the basket. Tie it around twice so it won't slip. Make sure that the bow is facing the front side.
  • If you use twist tie and you want it removed, make sure that the bow is keeping everything in place
  • Double-check all the sides and tape down any awkward corners. Oval baskets tend to have unpleasant angles. If you found some areas that make you cringe, just tape them neatly using clear tape. But it is better to tape them down so excess air will go out and the side areas will be visually smooth.

Gifts are mostly given to special persons. You want them to feel good and appreciated. Sometimes you don't need to buy expensive materials to make it look elegant. All you have to do is apply your creativity and make the most out of your resources.

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