Child Genius Laurent Simons is World's Youngest University Graduate at 9

Laurent Simons
(Photo : Laurent Simons via Instagram)

He is a child prodigy that is breaking a world record!

Laurent Simons from Amsterdam, currently studying at Eindhoven University of Technology for a degree in electrical engineering, is expected to graduate next month after completing his studies in just nine months. He's only nine years old.

Born in Belgium, Laurent was labeled as a child genius and was compared with Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. He speaks four languages as well.

The boy genius is set to become the youngest person ever to complete a degree and is overwhelmed with offers for post-graduate studies from the world's top universities.

Laurent, who completed high school at the age of eight, is scheduled to complete his first degree in December and will take Michael Kearney's title as youngest graduate in the world. Kearney graduated from Alabama University at the age of ten.

The child, who completed high school at eight years of age after completing the entire program in just 18 months, has aspirations of becoming an astronaut or heart surgeon one day. He also said in an interview that he wants to travel to California and continue his studies there because the weather is favorable, but his father Alexander is rather keen on living in the UK.

His father, who is a 37-year-old dentist, said that Oxford and Cambridge are also in the top of their mind because they still are a major league and he thinks it is also more convenient for them in terms of proximity.

He added that Laurent wants to do a PhD into life extension, by conducting a research into artificial organs and robotics that is why they consider the UK as their first choice.

He and Laurent's mother Lydia, a 29-year-old office manager, revealed that it was the boy's grandparents who noticed their son's abilities and advanced mental skills.

They initially thought the grandparents were just championing the boy by acting proud and fascinated, but then as he was growing they eventually discovered that Laurent is uniquely gifted.


He began school at the age of 4 and then completed the next 5 levels of primary school in just a span of 12 months. He was really learning quickly and he showed excellence way beyond his years.

His current tutor, Professor Peter Baltus, claims that he is three times smarter than most intelligent student he has ever met in his entire career. John Wilkes, a professor based in Switzerland who taught Laurent in summer courses, also revealed that the child is best suited to study at Oxford University.

"I taught him when he was six and we studied at the level of a 16 year-old," John said. He said that the best choice for Laurent is Oxford because it has the environment about learning and self-exploration rather than being taught by professors only. He added that the university is ideal for the child.

Laurent has a photographic memory and he loves math and science. His dream is to create innovations in cardiac surgery because both his grandparents have heart and cardiovascular issues.

Laurent Simons IQ score is currently measured at 145.

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