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Former President Jimmy Carter admitted to hospital for brain surgery


Former President Jimmy Carter admitted to hospital for brain surgery
Former President Jimmy Carter admitted to hospital for brain surgery
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Based on the recent news, former President Jimmy Carter is now on the road to recovery in the hospital after the brain surgery to ease the pressure that resulted from bleeding due to his current falls.

Jimmy Carter is the oldest surviving ex-president in the United States' history. The former head of state founded way back in 1982, Carter Center, stated that the former president went through the surgery at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Tuesday morning. He will remain in the hospital as long as needed for further observation.

The brain surgery was done to relieve pressure on his brain from a subdural hematoma.

Subdural hematoma is a condition where blood accumulates between the layers of tissue that surround the brain. The bleeding happens under the skull and outside the brain of the patient, not inside the brain itself. As the blood accrues continuously, the pressure on the brain increases which causes the subdural hematoma.

Commonly, this usually followed after a head injury such as from fall, vehicular accident, or an assault. The sudden impact to the head rips blood vessels that run along the surface of the brain. This is known as the acute subdural hematoma which requires brain surgery.

In President Carter's case, there are no other complications that resulted from the operation.

The 95-year-old president was admitted to the hospital on Monday evening ahead of the surgery. His wife Rosalyn is with him throughout the procedure, and he is resting comfortably.

This year, Carter got to experience three falls. He was also hospitalized on October 21, 2019, after fracturing his pelvic bone.

Last October 6, 2019, the ex-president had to get his brow stitched after falling down at his ranch house located in rural Plains, Georgia. In May, while the former president was leaving to go turkey hunting, he falls and broke his hip that requires him to undergo a surgery.

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The 39th president of the United States of America made frequent headlines this year when he opened up about being at ease with death. He said those words during a Sunday school service near his house in Georgia.

He assumed naturally that he was going to die very quickly with regard to his cancer diagnosis last 2015. He said a prayer about it. He found that he was entirely and wholly at ease with death instead of asking God to let him live.

The only thing that make this historical man worry about dying is missing his family and loved ones. But for him, as a Christian, he believes that there will come a time they would see each other again.

President Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1976. He won over Republican Gerald Ford but served just one term before his loss in 1980. Since his leadership, he has dedicated himself to charitable works, such as Habitat for Humanity. His legacy and achievements will never be forgotten by the world.

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