Seaweeds Can Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution


Seaweeds Can Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution
Seaweeds Can Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution
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Seaweeds Can Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution
Seaweeds Can Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution
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Seaweeds Can Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution


Saving the environment has always been a sensitive issue for people. It is slowly deteriorating every day and being ignored by many. Instead of blaming each other, everyone should start recovering the planet for the sake of the next generation.

Human is the highest kind of species on earth, the most powerful and intelligent creature in the world. We always have this endless desire to unlock our capabilities and reach our end limit. For the past century, humans have invented the use of PLASTIC.

Plastic invention made everyone's daily life more convenient that we rely on them most of the time. Plastic is a low-cost material is used widely as a disposable container and utensils. Millions of people have been using plastic every day and dispose it right after a single usage. We all know that plastic is composed of non-biodegradable material, meaning it cannot be broken down by the intervention of living organisms. Since it can take almost a thousand years to decompose plastic, our land and even the bodies of water are being contaminated by this innovation.

Plastic pollution becomes a serious problem all over the world. Plastics are cheap and durable, and as a result levels of plastic production by humans are high. Each year, at least 8 million tons of plastics find their way into the ocean. For better understanding, it can be illustrated as if you are dumping the wastes of one garbage truck into the ocean every minute. Take note in just a minute!

As the years went by, plastic is continuously accumulated in the Earth's environment that harmfully affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and even the humans itself. Marine animals and birds die from eating it or getting tangled in it. The plastic is also broken down into small pieces enough to enter the food chain.

Plastic pollution is truly a massive problem, but one that has encouraged everyone to try and find a solution. One of them is the creation of seaweed-based packaging and containers.

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Seaweed-Based Packaging & Containers

It is an edible packaging and would be the perfect answer to save the environment from plastic pollution. Stop the guilt. Don't worry about recycling because you can actually eat the packaging. You can also put it in the bin right after usage if you are not into eating seaweeds. Industries are continuously researching and developing new products with the carrageenan film market. Carrageenan is extracted from red edible seaweeds. It is traditionally used for its thickening and gelling properties.  Their main application is in dairy and meat products, due to their strong binding to food proteins, thus the carrageenan films also prolong their shelf life.

The best quality seaweed can give you many benefits. This is how it works:

  • It dissolves in warm water, making it a zero-waste product

We might already lose our hope regarding the plastic dilemma. But wait! There is actually a solution. It is never too late. If every country will insist the use of seaweed packaging, everyone can actually help.

  • 100% biodegradable and works as a natural fertilizer for plants.

This packaging is extracted from a living organism aims no harm to all. Unlike plastic being a contaminant to landfills, seaweed packaging has the total opposite effect. It can help grow a plant to be later used and manufactured as food and then being wrapped again using a seaweed packaging. Can you imagine this wonderful cycle?

  • It can last up to 2 years even without preservative

Thinking about how it can fasten the expiration date of perishable goods? You don't have to worry at all, because it underwent natural processes to prolong its life. You can have it in your stocks and use it when needed.

  • Nutritious, contains high fiber, vitamins, and minerals

Just like normal edible seaweed, this packaging is high in nutrients and can provide good food to people.

  • Can be made to produce a specific taste, color, and brand logo

It is understandable that companies want to help save the environment and want to build up their name and be distinguishable at the same time. This new creation might be perfect for you especially for those who are engaged in the food industry.

  • Printable and heat sealable

You can put your trademark while being an advocate in helping the environment.

You can actually help. Urgency is already here. All you need to have is the courage and it would be all worth it. Never underestimate a single person's contribution to inspire other people that there is a second chance for humanity.

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