Water Treatment Plant Produce Recycled Water for Brewing Beer


The San Diego Stone brewery advertises that they serve beer using purified sewage water and the taste is amazing according to customers. The purified sewage water came from Pure Water San Diego, a water treatment facility that will provide clean water for San Diego for the next twenty years.

The unique promotion campaign was the idea of top management of Pure Water San Diego. Their aim is to showcase their purification technology on recycling sewage water into pure, potable tap. The said treatment facility sought the help of Stone brewery to promote the potability of toilet to tap water.

According to reports from the Discovery Magazine, states like California are churning up their creative juice on ways to conserve and recycle water. However, the use of purified sewage water draw in a sleuth from skeptics, especially over its safety.

The Stone brewery is among the oldest breweries in the city and as a contribution to water recycling, they've produced beer using treated sewage water and called it the full circle. At first even the brewery was skeptical at the idea, but surprisingly the taste of the new beer was outstanding as reported by the Daily Mail.

The ingredients as stated by Steve Gonzales, Stone Brewery's senior manager of brewing and innovation, were three malts, three hops, tropical fruit notes and caramel. A slight salting of the water was needed before mixing it with the brew and the result was a delicious concoction they named the full circle pale ale, which even skeptics rank as one of the best they've tasted.

The Pure Water is poised to continue their service for the next few decades and aims to supply a third of the city's tap by 2035. This is a big step forward into water conservation, especially with the shortage being experienced in states like California. Customers are encouraged to support the campaign.

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