Will Bob Baffert's McKinzie Take Home The Breeder's Cup Crown This Year?


Will Bob Baffert's McKinzie Take Home The Breeder's Cup Crown This Year?

Photo : Will Bob Baffert's McKinzie Take Home The Breeder's Cup Crown This Year?

It's the season to saddle up and get on your feet as the newest and grandest edition of the Breeders' Cup 2019 will kick off a few weeks from now. The stakes are high for this year's thoroughbred competition as we are going to witness a series of Breeder's Cup events. Each of the horses and jockeys will show off their real skills and endurance in this year's event.

The Breeders' Cup will take place in Santa Anita Park, California, this November 1 and 2, 2019. A lot of horse racing fans will surely grace the event as they will see a rematch of legendary horse racers who took part in different significant races this year. According to the horse racing community, fans will also witness those racers who never make it to the 2019 U.S. Triple Crown Series. 

Moreover, betting is another reason why fans would like to dive into the Breeder's Cup. Many bettors are now on their feet doing their best to make their list of entries to wage this coming first week of November. The prizes at stake in the betting events are significant, which will give them a huge opportunity to grow their bankrolls. 

Aside from the betting games and the festive activities that each fan is looking forward to in Santa Anita Park, everyone is also excited for the racers, which will show real finesse in the racing field. Bear in mind that most of the horses joining are big placers in different prestigious racing events all over the country. 

That said, the Breeders' Cup organization has successfully tallied the final entries for this year. The race is composed of 15 entries. The acquisition and placements of colts depend on their racing points, earnings, popularity, and previous racing positions. Besides, the Breeder's Cup team has also finalized their ranking for every bettor to refer. 

The final ranking of horse racers is shown on the Breeder's Cup official website. Meanwhile, you may also access legit third party online sportsbooks that showcase the different racing tracks, fields, and positions for the Breeder's Cup 2019 like Tvg Race tracks. In this way, you can find an accurate idea of what kind of betting games you'd like to partake referring to the different positions of each entry in the racing field. 

While a lot of horse racing fans are ready and set for an action-packed show in Santa Anita, let's take a look at a horse racer who is on the top of the list at the Breeders' Cup 2019. He outshined 14 other horses from different sires and which are also superstars of some notable racers. Will this horse racer take the coveted Breeder's Cup crown this year and bring home more than a million-dollar purse prize? 

McKinzie tops the list of the final ranking for this year's Breeders' Cup parade of entries. He was one of the most famous horse racers who took part in different racing tournaments throughout his career. He had joined several competitions, which led him to earn racing points and gain placements to help him clinch the top spot to win it all this year. 

The ranking of horse racers is composed of racing media, selection committees composed by Breeders' Cup Panelists and Directors, and horseplayers. The team had successfully placed McKinzie on the top spot as he earned the highest gross this year, along with his major accomplishments and race finishes. 

McKinzie has an excellent thirteen racing starts this year. He is trained by Bob Baffert, which is a Hall of Fame Trainer. Joel Del Rosario is McKinzie's jockey. Mckinzie is owned by Karl Watson. His racing form this year is undeniably amazing as he tallied seven wins, five places, and no show position. It's the main reason why Breeders' Cup panelists had favored him to take the first place in the ranking.

Furthermore, out of his six racing shows this year, he got two 1st places and four 2nd place finishes. He was also the recent winner for the 2019 Whitney Stakes, which comes as a "Challenge Race." He tallied gross earnings amounting to $2,298, 560. His earnings will surely grow as he tries to win the Breeder's Cup two weeks from now.

According to his trainer, McKinzie has a strict training program that can develop the skills needed to win the Breeder's Cup. His entries for other races serve as his training partners to provide better experience. McKinzie is currently the best horse out there, as tons of fans and bettors alike heavily favor him in bets. 


This year's race is sure to attract a lot of people in the stands. With notable participants, fans and bettors alike will have a wide selection on who will win. As we draw near to the Breeders' Cup this year, McKinzie is the most bankable entry to bet on. Despite the deep pool of race horses this year, McKinzie has the credentials and skills for many bettors to favor him in the race.

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