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Patrick Day in Coma After KO in Boxing Match



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Patrick Day, US middleweight boxer, underwent an emergency surgery after a brutal knockout punch by Charles Cromwell on Saturday night. He is now in a coma following the surgery after he was knocked on the 10th round of their boxing match held at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. 

The match was dominated throughout by Charles Cromwell who was in bout with Day. At 1:46 minutes into the 10th round, a left hook by Cromwell left Day unconscious requiring immediate medical attention. 

On Sunday, his manager announced that Patrick Day sustained a traumatic brain injury and is in an extremely critical condition. He asked the public for continued prayers for his complete recovery. 

He reportedly suffered a seizure and was taken out of the ring on a stretcher. He was immediately taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he underwent an emergency surgery. According to sources, Patrick Day was given a breathing tube in the emergency room and at some point in the treatment, he went into a coma

His coma, as reported, was medically induced to help the brain heal and avoid further damage. Doctors believe that the coma would give his brain time to reduce swelling. This is to ensure that it does not incur any further damage that will put his life at risk. 

Theirs was the undercard match before the main event featuring Oleksander Usyk-Chazz Witherspoon. This 27-year-old boxer from Freeport, New York was knocked out, but wasn't sure if he ever regained consciousness. The doctor treated him inside the ring and was rushed off on a stretcher by the paramedics and transported immediately to the hospital. During the match, Cromwell knocked him down twice.

Lou DiBella, in his Twitter account, sent out good words about Patrick Day. He also said that Pat Day lights up any room he is in. He never uttered mean words and would always greet everyone with a big smile on his face. DiBella also asked for prayers for Pat Day. 

In a statement, DiBella expressed his gratitude for the outpouring prayers and support for Pat Day. He said that offers of assistance came from all corners of the boxing community. However, he is asking everyone to respect the privacy of the family of Patrick Day at this difficult time. 

The managing director and promoter of Matchroom Sport, Eddie Hearn, said that Day never gave up on any bout, not even this one. Hearn revealed that even in the last few seconds before he was knocked out, Day was still trying to make it a good fight. Though he was already a mile behind in the fight, he was still pushing for it. 

"He simply got knocked out trying to win," Hearn said. 

At this time, there has been no update about the condition of this young boxer. His manager and promoter are simply asking everyone to offer him a prayer. They remain hopeful that he will wake up from the coma and would be on his way to full recovery. More than anything, Day's family is asking that they be left at peace during this difficult time.

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