MIT Researchers Create Liquid Thermoelectric Device That Converts Waste Heat Into Electricity [VIDEO]


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have created a liquid thermoelectric device that converts industry wasted heat into electricity. The newly discovered device is efficient in transforming heat into electricity, and the device can also provide an affordable solution in converting waste heat into electricity.

In converting the waste heat into electricity, the current solid-state thermoelectric apparatus is normally used. However, this device is very expensive and not very effective. Meanwhile, the device of the MIT researchers is affordable and a more friendly solution for converting waste heat into electricity. The device can possibly manage heat at high temperatures, Trendin Tech reported.

From several testing, the new MIT device can operate at temperatures of 950 up to 1,074 degrees Celsius. The current thermoelectric devices can only operate at 500 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, as Youyang Zhao (a member of MIT's Materials Processing Center research community) changed the temperatures in the new device, Zhao found out that the new device has no significant performance drop, MIT News reported.

The MIT researchers made the new device out of a compound of sulfur and tin, which is cheaper compared to the usual thermoelectric devices. The new MIT device can make a large impact on metal manufacturers.

Nevertheless, most steel or glass plants are unlikely to adopt the new solid-state thermoelectric device. In spite of that, Antoine Allanore, an assistant professor of metallurgy, stated that their company might be interested with the device.

That being the case, MIT's new liquid thermoelectric device is paving the way for an affordable waste heat into electricity conversion. The beauty of the new liquid thermoelectric device is it can improve waste heat collection, which would point to an energy savings perspective. Charles Cooper Rinzler PhD, stated that steel or glass industry must utilize MIT's new liquid thermoelectric device for the reason that the device actually benefits them.

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