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Researchers Maps DNA Damage Caused By Smoking Helping Scientists Understand Cause and Prevention of Smoking-Induced Cancers [VIDEO]


The University of North Carolina School of Medicine researchers has recorded in detail the DNA damage caused by smoking. A study that could help scientists to understand more about how smoking-induced cancers originate, and these scientists can discover its prevention.

The research team has successfully developed a useful technique for mapping sites of an under repair genome due to the damage caused by benzo[α]pyrene diol epoxide, more commonly known as BPDE. This particular carcinogen is a side effect of burning organic material, like cigarette smoking. The UNC School of Medicine researchers believe that understanding BPDE's exact damage will give scientists additional knowledge on how smoking-related cancers started, and can come up with a prevention.

The study researcher and Nobel laureate, Dr. Aziz Sancar, said in a statement that the carcinogen accounts for about 30 percent of the deaths caused by cancer in the U.S. It could also raise awareness of how smoking is very harmful. Also, it would help drug developers if the study would know exactly how DNA damage is straighten out throughout the entire genome, Eurek Alert reported.

Nevertheless, according to M.D., professor of family and community medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, John Spangler, although people smoke, these individuals are very health conscious, and they know the various problems associated with cigarette smoking. But, several people aren't as informed, wherein, these people don't know the unusual effects of smoking, News Medical reported.

Meanwhile, a study has found out that smokers can develop skin cancer. The QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute researchers spent years in monitoring the skin cancer development in almost 19,000 individuals and discovered that smokers can develop squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). In spite of that, the risk of developing the cancer declines as soon as the person quits smoking. However, the researchers made it known that they still need to understand the link between smoking and SCC.

Meanwhile, Watch The Video Here:

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