Microsoft Azure Announces Big News, Focal Point On Developer And Container-Based Apps [VIDEO]


Microsoft Azure is getting another burst of the big update, and this time it's all about DevOps and container-based application development. Today's big cloud update has been designed to help developers streamline their processes of developing container-based applications that run on Kubernetes clusters. Microsoft made the big release this week.

According to TechCrunch, the Redmond-based software company this week has just announced the launch of Draft, a new open-source tool that has been designed to help the developer with their container-based application development. The primary goal of the new update is to allow developers to work on their applications without knowing anything about Docker and Kubernetes.

The announcement was made at the recent CoreOS Fest even in San Francisco. In the event, Microsoft Azure Lead Project Manager for containers, Gabe Monroy announced the official release of Microsoft Azure Draft.

According to Gabe Monroy, the newly released Microsoft Draft was the first open source tool to emerge from the Microsoft Azure Container group. Getting started with the new tool is quite easy, developers will just need to two simple commands to start hacking on the container-based applications with no knowledge of Docker or Kubernetes applications. Even more amazing is that there's no need for Docker or Kubernetes installed to get started with the Draft.

This new developers tool automatically detects the language the developers' code was written in (with support for Python, Node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP and Go built-in) and then it write the build and deployment configuration into the source tree. With this, it should be pretty easy to developers to integrate this code with existing continuous integration pipelines.

Currently, this new Microsoft Azure tool is available on GitHub. Developers can take the Microsoft Azure Container Service with Kubernetes to try this new tool. For more about this new developers tool, check out the Microsoft Azure website.

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