AWS To Get Serious About Java And IoT, Announces Another Big Addition To Its Employee Roster


Good news for Java developers out there. Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing arm of the internet giant Amazon, this week announced that it's hiring legendary Java creator James Gosling. AWS made the huge announcement this week.

The Seattle-based cloud computing company has just added another computer science heavyweight to its employee roster, and the latest addition will be the legendary Java creator James Gosling. The computer engineer, which often referred to as the "Father of Java," made a huge announcement on Facebook that he would be joining AWS as a distinguished engineer, the PCWorld reported.

The 62-years-old Gosling is the man behind the very popular Java programming language, which has been widely used in much of today's business software. The distinguished engineer began work on what would later become Java in the early 1990s while working at Sun Microsystems, a leading IT company during the early days of the internet.

Gosling continued its works on Java development until the company's acquisition in April 2009. Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems for a whopping $7.4 billion and made Java as one of its core programming languages. Gosling has decided to leave after the Oracle's acquisition.

He spent a short time at Google before spending the last six years at Liquid Robotics, where he worked as a chief software architect for autonomous ocean-going robots called the Wave Glider.

On Gosling's Facebook account, the Java engineer posted that he's "starting a new adventure" with the Seattle-based company Amazon, but hasn't made any further comment about what he'll be working on.

The Seattle-based tech behemoth did confirm that Gosling had joined the company but didn't offer any statement on the nature of his work. The 62-years-old engineer is joining other tech luminaries, which include Adrian Cockroft, Swami Sivasubramanian, and Werner Vogels.

While it's still unclear what the legendary engineer will be working on, Gosling seems like a natural fit for the AWS team that creates the tools for the Internet of Things. Gosling got knowledge with the process of deploying IoT systems, and also the challenges that may arise when it comes to using the IoT with the cloud.

Given his tremendous skill set and deep experience, it seems like a safe bet that the engineer will land a great job with Amazon's IoT-related products and services, according to Enderle Group. The Java engineer is well-known for writing really tight code and would be an ideal addition for the company's IoT efforts. Some analyst said Gosling may hold a key in Amazon's struggle with Google for control of the future smart home.

In addition to the IoT, the addition of Gosling may also set the lure for Java developers. AWS loves Java developers and offers a number of tools for running Java applications in its cloud. Gosling's deep knowledge and long experience with Java will make him an asset at AWS. More importantly, it provides a great way to get the attention of thousands of Java developers on the market.

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