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Sony's New Playman Hybrid Console Maybe The New Contender Of Nintendo Switch [VIDEO]


Nintendo already proved that the sales of its Switch gaming systems are really amazing. Now, it is Sony's turn to roll out a new compact console with its Playman gaming system. Tech critics claim that the Sony Playman console could be the end of the Nintendo Switch.

A German tech and gaming blog, Curved, has gone as far to conceptualize PlayStation Switch console's new design. But, the final design is dubbed as the Sony Playman console, which is inspired by the names of the portable Discman and Walkman. Same as Nintendo Switch, the Playman gaming system also features a hybrid console as well as handheld configurations.

Sony's Playman console can allow game enthusiasts to enjoy a full comfort experience at home or even on the go. The Japanese tech giant described the PlayMan as a successor to the PS Vita and toils as a hybrid handheld gaming system similar to the Nintendo Switch, The Wolf Hall reported.

It has been said that Sony Playman console would give gamers several options for game modes just like the Switch. The Sony Playman console won't be used in just two modes, the device offers three possible fields of use.

The Playman console can be connected to the TV through an HDMI, with attached controllers, and the console can be used as a handheld console. Nevertheless, the teased photos and concept video of the Playman console showed the device would offer a large screen, Digital Trends reported.

The Playman console also comes along with a powerful battery that would run video games efficiently. The gaming system will be the perfect on-the-go device that could offer an impressive gaming experience with its internal battery.

In spite of that, Sony hasn't confirmed the Playman gaming system. However, it is worth noting that the tech giant reportedly applied to patent a device that resembles to Nintendo Switch.

Watch The Video Here:

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