Guide On Buying Second-Hand Gadgets: Brand New Is Not Always The Best Choice [VIDEO]


With the rise of the internet and social media, there are now plenty of online sites that provide great deals for second-hand gadgets. Actually, saving some cash on tech toys that are already used or dated is not a new trend at all. It is just that the platform is changing all the time.

As a matter of fact, brand new is not the best choice anymore. For one thing, they are often overpriced. Consequently, almost all gadgets offer the same specs. This means that no matter what the model is, buyers will have the same camera, text messaging apps, online features, and other "basic" phone uses.

Probably, the most important thing in buying second-hand devices is research. Scams and safety risks should be put in mind when trying to venture off the brand new track. Thus, below are simple steps to follow in making sure that customers get the most out of their money.

Review the price

The best way to do this, per Field Guide, is to collate and compare prices from different second-hand gadget sellers. On the other hand, buyers could also tick the "Sold listings" button on eBay to see the current market prices of the devices they are rooting for. Moreover, if they see that the offer is too high for a particular model, they will know when it is the right time to give up on it and look for another variant. The good thing is that the internet provides a lot of options.

Timing is crucial

For example, consumers may get an iPhone 7 at a lot cheaper price if they purchase it the week after iPhone 8 goes on sale. Logically speaking, if the supply becomes greater than the demand, bargains are born. Therefore, tech experts say that the best time to buy second-hand gadgets is every January as new models often get released for the New Year.

Avoid scams

Obviously, to prevent scams from happening, buyers should only trust renowned sellers. Purchasing a phone or a tablet from a guy down the street is definitely not a good choice. Aside fro the fact that the item might be damaged, it could have been stolen too. Now, it is equally important to trust reputable payment gateways too like Braintree and PayPal.

According to Ars Technica, the US wireless industry is launching a free public service website called the "Stolen Phone Checker". This website gives buyers additional peace of mind whenever they decide to buy used or refurbished gadgets. It is available at, wherein authorities could easily verify if a mobile device has been reported stolen or lost.

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