Gunfire Games Drops ‘Darksiders 3’ Extended Gameplay Revealing New Protagonist ‘Fury’ In Action [VIDEO]


"Darksiders 3" extended gameplay gets an exclusive launch today. Fans of the upcoming role-playing hack and slash video game have been treated by Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic with the introduction of the new protagonist Fury and the totally new world. Unsurprisingly, the team has succeeded in connecting the present iteration from those that came before it.

This 12-minute "Darksiders 3" gameplay preview shows Fury moving through an Earth-like post-apocalyptic world on a mission to exterminate the seven deadly sins. The view of the new world also shows how much hack'n'slash and action-adventure will materialize in the game, PC Games N reported.

The new lead Fury has every bit of femme fatale. With an armor built carrying the glorified elements of her predecessors, she wears a frantic assortment of aggressive looking skulls across her body. She possesses a remarkable speed and agility and is the embodiment of a post-apocalyptic female heroine.

The new world opens up a dimension full of unending dungeons. It is parallel to the story progression but negates in terms of its timeline. Speaking of the timeline, the "Darksiders 3" will be set in the same era as the "Darksiders 2."

Excitingly, the snippet only showed one of the seven Sloth who appeared in grotesque and carried around in a chair by smaller versions of itself. The manipulation of this character did not fail to showcase the personification of laziness.

Considerably, "Darksiders 3's combat speed lies somewhere in between the first and second game. However, they have put a focus on trying to make things less immersive. More so, there are no gated combats while the enemies are in their natural habitat unlike those that appears inconveniently to attack, IGN noted.

"Darksiders 3" promises to deliver improved updates found in the previous game; a total graphic overhaul; new design philosophy; and the introduction of seamless transitions. "Darksiders 3" releases sometime in 2018 but in the meantime, fans are invited to join a community thread powered by Steam for more information and further discussions.


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