MacBook Pro 2017 Update: Slightly Improved Laptop with Kaby Lake, No RAM Gain [VIDEO]


Apple is expected to reveal the MacBook Pro 2017 in Q4 but there seems to be a very few details on the iteration. Recent reports have learned that there will be similar specs configurations to the current MacBook but Apple might shift to Intel Kaby Lake as the processor.

Intel Kaby Lake

The Kaby Lake is a fast processing chip that will boost the laptop's overall performance. It is safe to assume that the MacBook Pro 2017 will not need a bigger RAM than 16 GB - just as Phil Schiller has said of the 2016 laptop's LPDDR memory, Apple Insider reported.

The Kaby Lake is the fastest processor that will enable the MacBook Pro to handle loads of heavy tasks while helping the laptop to conserve battery.

32GB RAM as A Top-End Model

Experts verdict that Apple might indeed launch a 32GB RAM MacBook Pro but as a top-end model of the lineups. It will be interesting to find out how much it will cost as the base model is already an expensive product.

Flatter Keyboard, Apple Pencil Compatible

This would be a new addition worth the wait. The MacBook Pro 2017 is reportedly getting a new keyboard design. The flatter surface will be helpful for the pros to use the stylus for drawing. This means, Apple is adding another productivity tool to the laptop. The design detail is still vague but fans can be sure that the next MacBook Pro will be much thinner and sleeker.

MacBook Pro 2017 Release Date

The OLED Touch Bar has cause different reactions from the faithfuls. Thus, it can be argued that there will not be any other significant change coming with the MacBook Pro 2017 this October, MacWorld reported.

As usual, Apple remains mum on any speculations and leaks that have gone viral. 


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