PS5 Update: Sony's Upcoming Console Launch Reportedly Unsettles Xbox Scorpio [VIDEO]


The console war is getting fierce as E3 draws near. Microsoft is planning to launch Xbox Scorpio at the event while everyone is also waiting for Sony to unveil the PlayStation 5.

Rumors on PS5 getting backwards compatibility feature are slowly surfacing. The next-gen console reportedly carries advanced features that ensure there is a huge differentiator from its predecessor. As far as the improvement is concerned, the PS5 will most likely be a console refresh with VR feature and photorealistic technology, PlayStation Universe reported.

Does Sony Need PS5 to Take on Xbox Scorpio?

Fanboys have come to believe that Sony should introduce a PS5 this year to rival Xbox Scorpio but tech experts do not feel the same way. They believe that PS4 Pro is already a great console in the competition although Scorpio seems to be winning the specs battle on paper. However, judging from the exclusive titles, PS4 is the champion with its "Horizon: Zero Dawn" and "Uncharted 4". These popular games are well accepted.

The details of PS5 are still scarce and Sony has not yet revealed nor teased the fans with any update. Nonetheless, PS4 sales went successful last year with 20 million units sold. That said, Sony will not have a problem swinging with PS5.

When will Sony Reveal PS5?

The question remains unanswered but based on Michael Pachter prediction, Sony could release PS5 in 2020. This makes more sense than a 2018 launch since the cutting-edge features might not be ready next year. If Sony equips PS5 with native 4K and mixed reality feature, it could take longer time to develop, GadgetPost reported.

However, E3 2017 is a good place to tease fanboys with new update or demo on what Sony is currently working on. Let's hope the PS5 is one of them.


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