Drinking Red Wine could Reduce Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Risks: Study Says [VIDEO]


A recent study from Madrid's Institute of Food Science Research reveals that consuming wine moderately could have potential benefit for reducing risks of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. The study analyzed how wine that has passed through gut could form metabolites that protect neuron cells against damage.

Lead author Dr. Esteban Fernandez has studied the neurodegenerative diseases and how drinking wine mechanism could actually promote the prevention - protecting neural cells against damage. Taking low to moderate intake of wine can reduce cognitive impairments according to her study.

The wine, however, has to pass through our stomach first to form sort of metabolites that protect the neuron cells from dying. It is revealed that these metabolites prevent neuronal death. While it is not merely replacing medicines, but researchers suggest that healthy diet is still a necessary act to prevent neurodegenerative diseases, Science Daily reported.

This finding is the opposite from what another study has suggested before. In 2009, a research paper published in NCBI claimed that red wine triggers cell death but another evidence in 2016 corroborates the health benefit of red wine in combating Parkinson's disease as long as it is taken in moderate amount. However, the study did not specifically mention that the wine has to go through gut in order to be useful.

There has been a limited amount of reports on red wine and its benefits for neurodegenerative disease prevention. More clinical studies have to be conducted to determine its relevance but taking precautions such as following appropriate dietary guidelines would be benefit for one's health.

Lifestyle changes include tobacco-free life, quality sleep, and maintaining cardiovascular health and socially engaged while constantly challenge the mind with different activities such as painting, puzzle solving or playing games.

Check out daily exercise tips to reduce Parkinson's risk in the video below!

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