Stem Cells Cure and Its Uncertain Future could End up causing Another Disease; Study Says [VIDEO]


Stem cells treatment is benefit for various diseases including cancer, cartilage replacements and more. However, a recent study suggests that there could be a risk of the treatment, that potentially causes another disease.

Medical studies have proven that stem cells are the potential cure to serious illness but according to scientists' latest discovery, patients have to be aware that repurposing cells in a lab might increase the chance of experiencing mutations that is when left unchecked, can lead to cancer risk, Engdaget reported.

There are indeed, good results of stem cells treatment and some patients even found that it was the only option they had. The type of cure is promising enough that UK researchers believe blood donors might no longer be necessary in the future. However, some devastating illnesses are still left with no cure as stem cell is seen as a lottery rather than a solution. One example is a patient with Multiple sclerosis that has caused damages in sight and speech functions. When stem cell seems to be a great treatment, it was reportedly not.

Zoe, a patient who experienced the multiple sclerosis was not getting stem cell treatment because the treatment for such disease is not advanced yet and patients might have to wait for another five years, DailyMail reported.  

More Studies on Stem Cells Treatment is Necessary

While this does not literally mean that stem cells treatment is useless, but researchers have to put more efforts to review the progress and ensure that the stem cells being used are in healthy condition before risking one to serious illness.

On a side note, a new stem cells in-depth research has found that it could form an entire embryo. That said, the future of stem cells treatment is still hopeful with advanced applications to model tissues or handle complex diseases.

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