Bungie To Make 'Destiny 2' Gameplay Event More Interesting, Confirms PC Version Playable & Talks More About Beta [VIDEO]


Bungie will be hosting the big "Destiny 2" reveal event later this month. The "Destiny 2" live gameplay reveal event will take place this coming May 19. Bungie is expected to drop new clues ahead of the Beta release.

Bungie has already revealed to the gaming world some new details about the much-awaited "Destiny 2." This has been made ahead of the big gameplay event, which scheduled to takes place later this month. However, Destiny fans are wondering if Bungie hinting something about the game, the Games Radar reported.

The gaming website Games Radar has recently shared a photo of their invite to the big "Destiny 2" LA reveal event. In the shared invite image, Bungie's gameplay event welcome invites recipients to the "World Without Light."

As for the "Destiny 2" gameplay event, the game's community members and the press will be able to get their hands on the game following Bungie's keynote presentation. Event Attendees are expected to get lots of footage of the much-awaited game.

Additionally, Bungie is also making the event even more interesting for "Destiny" fans. The developer will be making PC version playable at the event. This is a big news for PC version users, who reportedly have some concern about the quality of the game port.

Bungie is also expected to release new details ahead of the Beta release. But Destiny fans have managed to unlock some potential new story details, ahead of the scheduled "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal event this month, according to The Daily Express.

Also in a Bungie blog post, Bungie made a huge claim that the gameplay event would be a memorable moment for everyone, as the countdown starts to the "Destiny 2" September 8 launch date. The date that Bungie will officially release the game to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Finally, Bungie has just confirmed that the big "Destiny 2" gameplay reveal event will be followed by the Beta later this year. Bungie's "Destiny 2" beta will be made available first to pre-order customers, followed by a wider release.

For more about "Destiny 2" pre-order and the Beta early access program, check out the Bungie blog. Stay tuned for more "Destiny 2" updates.

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