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The Companies That Control What The World Eats - Part 1 [VIDEO]


With thousands of food available in the market, one would think how diverse the sources are of these foods. However, the UK-based charity group Oxfam created a mind-boggling infographic that revealed there are only a handful companies controlling what the world eats.


Nestle comes in first as one of the companies that control what the world eats. Its 2016 revenue is estimated to be around $90.2 billion. The company controls not only adult foods but baby and children's foods as well. Some of the most popular brands under Nestle include the baby food brand Gerber, high-end fizzy water Perrier, frozen pizza Hot Pockets, and chocolate brands Butterfinger and Kit Kat. Their influence goes beyond the food industry - Nestle also owns L'Oreal and Maybelline.


Second on the list is PepsiCo with an estimated revenue of $62.8 billion in 2016. Some of its popular brands include power drink Gatorade and the Lays Potato brand which includes Doritos, Cheetos, and Ruffles. They also own Quaker Oats and Tropicana fruit juice which means the majority of food that people eat from breakfast to snack is controlled by PepsiCo.


Unilever's influence is vast and far-reaching. It controls some of the world's most famous brands from food to hair and body care. Unilever owns Magnum ice cream, Klondike, Ben n' Jerry, and Lipton Tea. Its non-food brands include Dove, Q-Tips, Vaseline, Axe body spray, and a wide array of shampoos and detergent soaps. Unilever's estimated 2016 revenue is $48.3 billion.


Coca-Cola's 2016 revenue was $49.1 billion, which is not surprising since the company owns more than 500 drink brands including Sprite, Minute Maid, Fuze, Dasani, and Honest Tea. Coca-Cola is served all over the world no matter what time or season it is.

Mars does not just own chocolates and candies but also cat and dog foods. They own popular chocolate bars Twix and Snickers as well as Orbit gum. They also own Whiskas and Pedigree. Mars also owns 900 veterinary clinics across the country. Mars' revenue for 2016 is $35 billion.

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