Harvard Acceptance Letter Becomes High School Senior's Prom Date [VIDEO]


Two of the biggest sources of stress among high school seniors are prom night and applying to college. However, one Minnesota teen has nailed both by taking her Harvard acceptance letter as her prom date.

For Priscilla Samey, getting accepted to Harvard is a dream come true so it was just apt to celebrate her acceptance to the prestigious educational institution. And the best way to celebrate it is to show the world that her Harvard acceptance letter is the best prom date ever.

She took to Twitter and posted a picture of her kissing the acceptance packet which indicates #Harvard2021. Her caption was not short of interesting as she declared that no one wanted to take her to the prom so she will taker her Harvard acceptance letter instead.

She said that the idea was not hers but her sister's who said that the best dates are all her college admissions. It turned out that Samey was not only accepted into Harvard but also in Yale, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Samey said she did not regret her decision because her date is low-maintenance and she doesn't have to pay for his dinner. She didn't even have to dress up to impress her date saving her a lot of money.

It did not take long before her adorable tweet became viral with more than 100,000 likes and 20,000 re-tweets. It even attracted interesting comments with one saying she doesn't have to cut the picture in half many years from now.

When asked what her classmates felt about her bringing Harvard acceptance letter to the school, she said that they think it was 'funny and cute.' Her classmates were all supportive and proud of her.

Finally, when asked what advice she could give fellow students when applying for college, she simply told them to be true to themselves. Samey will take up political science in Harvard and will pursue law.

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