Tech Tips For College: How Students Can Make Their Computers Run Like New [VIDEO]


Computers are students' best friends. Taking down notes and making assignments are now easier because of modern technology.

It makes sense for students to know how to take care of their computers. They should know how to get rid of digital clutter.

Digital clutter, if it goes unchecked, can hinder one's productivity not only by slowing down the computer but by rendering it useless. Students should regularly check their devices using these tips shared by TIME.

Declutter the desktop

For those who don't know where to start, clearing the desktop is the best place to begin in cleaning one's computer or laptop. Oftentimes, students just save all documents and files on the desktop. Instead, organize the files according to one's sorting preference. Moreover, delete files that are no longer needed.

Uninstall unused apps

Unused apps or programs take up unnecessary space in one's computer, laptop or other devices. Valeri Hall Little, owner of Intandem, a Toronto-based productivity consulting firm, recommended deleting apps that haven't been used in the past year.

Organize photos

Digital photos are one of the main reasons that computers, laptops or other devices slow down. Each of these photos takes up at least 3.5 megabytes of space. While it is important to save memories, students should also get to the habit of organizing their photos regularly. Techlicious shared 10 tips on how to keep digital photos organized.

Social media sanitization

Another regular thing to check is one's social media. This is also one of the most easily cluttered apps in one's devices. Also, students should check their privacy settings to see whether it is secure and whether there are old apps that still have access to their information.

Check one's email inbox

Email inboxes, similar to social media apps, are also easily cluttered. It's easy to just leave messages unread and not open one's inbox. However, students should learn to free their inboxes from clutter. Forbes suggested setting up a priority inbox and creating filters, among others.

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