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Xbox Project Scorpio Price, News: Assessment On How Much Should The Console Cost; Xbox Project Scorpio vs Fellow Xbox Consoles [VIDEO]


The details of Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio are still unknown at this point. Nonetheless, game enthusiasts are eager to know exactly how much should the upcoming console cost.

There are ways to assess the Xbox Project Scorpio. The price of the gaming system will match its high-end processing hardware. This could mean that the Xbox Project Scorpio could not just be an extremely powerful console, but the device could also feature a top of the line Dolby sound support, UHD Blu-Ray drive, and so on, Gaming Bolt reported.

Adding those high-end features on top of Microsoft's upcoming console is already high-end hardware. Thus, it would potentially make the Xbox Project Scorpio more expensive than any gaming system.

Nevertheless, the Redmond, Washington-based tech giant would not be out of bounds in giving the Xbox Project Scorpio a higher price, such as $499 or $599. But, the tech company can argue what price they want for the console and it could be even higher than anyone anticipated it to be.

On the other hand, the tech giant has been one of the top console makers in the gaming world, and its upcoming product is geared up to change the game. The certain features of the Xbox Project Scorpio are the reason why the gaming system is being dubbed as the world's most powerful console ever. In spite of that, game enthusiasts are still wondering how good will the Xbox Project Scorpio be compared to its predecessors.

Although Microsoft added very few features to the Xbox One S as compared to the Xbox One, but the difference between the two gaming systems was insignificant and gamers are better off waiting for the Xbox Project Scorpio. Game enthusiasts would really want to see if Xbox Project Scorpio is better in terms of power, processing ability and graphics, Digital Trends reported.

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