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UK Police Issues Warning: Blue Whale Challenge May Have Reached England [Video]


The Blue Whale Challenge asks participants to compete horrifying tests over the course of 50 days. Apparently, the game ends with a suicide. Has it reached the United Kingdom (UK)?

According to University Herald, there is no reported incident in the UK related to the Blue Whale Challenge at the moment. However, the Essex police in England issued an alarming statement that warned parents to keep an eye on their children. The schools in Basildon also received the notice and disseminated it to various parent organizations.

For the record, authorities urge everyone to be very vigilant when it comes to the internet habits of kids. While it is not yet confirmed whether the sensational online game is true or a hoax, prevention is always better than cure. The police explained how the game is being played and advised elders to talk to their kids if something strange is happening at home.

Per Global News, France issued a similar public safety alert for parents to watch over their teens very closely. Alyson Shafer, a family therapist, told the source that the Blue Whale Challenge is really "disturbing". She stressed that teenage life is the time when people try to determine their identities. When their social world starts to head towards the wrong direction, commonly within a group that indulge in activities that are not healthy, bad things will follow.

In Russia, meanwhile, 130 teenagers reportedly attempted suicide. Sadly, two girls fell to their deaths after jumping from an apartment building and from a commuter train. These particular incidents have been linked to the Blue Whale game, but no proofs have been presented yet.

The victims' names were Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16. What was scary was Yulia posted a picture of a blue whale on her social media account and then left a note saying "End". Another thing to consider is that Russia is the suicide capital of the world.

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