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Make An Impact, Fight Against Suicide: Inform Others About The Blue Whale Challenge & Save A Life [Video]


People are starting to win the fight against suicide. A lot of countries are actually signing bills to eradicate euthanasia and death penalty. While the world cannot relax just yet, the idea of a victory could really keep the fire burning. If humans work together, humanity will always prevail.

Now, a new endeavor threatens to break this momentum. Dubbed as the Blue Whale Challenge, the forces of evil are starting to lure the youth into a dark and lonely place. Utilizing the benefits of social media to ruin someone's life, the perpetrators tempt teenagers to participate in a sick online game that culminates with a suicide.

While authorities cannot yet confirm the authenticity of this modus operandi, they are now putting up investigation teams to reveal the true nature of the rumored internet crisis. For one thing, 130 suicide cases have been reported in Russia. Allegedly, some of these are related to the Blue Whale Challenge.

According to an earlier University Herald report, the challenge starts with simple tasks like watching a morbid movie. Participants, meanwhile, need to complete a series of tests for 50 days. However, challenge number 11 requires more than just witnessing horrific acts, but also doing it themselves.

Apparently, various media outfits claim that the 11th task asks the participants to draw a whale on their arms using a razor. This is where the sick game starts to get serious. Some end up throwing themselves off an apartment building while others placed themselves under a moving train.

As a matter of fact, the Daily Mail wrote that an 18-year-old "girl on the tracks" in Portugal had carvings on her arms and legs. The word "Sim" was found on her right leg and "F 57" on her left palm. The former means "Yes" in Portuguese.

Apparently, the game that originated from Russia spreads westward. Thus, UK police are now warning parents to be very vigilant. Everyone, from friends to relatives, is encouraged to participate in the fight against suicide. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Children has already cited ways to spot the signs of a possible self-inflicted crime.

Foremost, sudden secretiveness associated with too much time on the internet should be treated as an alarming situation. Secondly, the alleged victims of the Blue Whale Challenge often switch screens whenever someone approaches to hide their activities. Last but not the least, affected teens get angry after browsing on social media sites and they tend to have a lot of phone numbers and email addresses.

If any of these signs are present, immediately call the authorities or ask the help of an immediate counselor. For the general public, sharing of information is very vital in the fight against suicide. This is not about the truth anymore. If the challenge is a hoax, then the more people should fight against it because life is very precious and the world cannot afford to lose another one just because of sick internet joke.

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