An In-Depth Report on the Benefits of Summer Jobs vs. Internships [VIDEO]


Before students jump the gun on whether to take a summer job or an internship this summer, they must first know the advantages of the two. Both have unique bonuses that will help a student build up his or her career. Both are also going to help students sharpen their interpersonal skills, which is why choosing one over the other would be difficult.

Some of the pros of summer internship include helping one decide whether or not the chosen career is perfect for that person in the long run, AOL reported. It's also the perfect opportunity to build a network within the community of the chosen career. Internships also emphasize one's skills and boosts resume.

Moreover, summer internships will help one land a full time position post school, but that would depend on how well that certain intern performed on the whole duration of the internship. All these are wonderful advantages of internship, but the primary advantage would be for one to really obtain first- hand experience from the industry of choice.

Before one accepts internship positions however, there are a few tips to be considered, ULoop reported. These tips include: raising the question whether it will or not advance or widen skill set; whether it's paid; whether it is flexible; and whether it fits. It's very important to take these things into consideration because internship is a life changing game.

Summer jobs on the other hand have benefits that include improving management skills and building confidence. Moreover it's an opportunity to earn decent cash and expands both professional and social networks as well. Finally working during summer will help students build their core or real world skills in order to succeed.

Ultimately, if a student aims to pave a career path related to the industry he or she wants to be part of, internship is ideal. If a student wants to while time building basic skills and earn money at the same time, internships are more ideal.

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