Texas A&M University Awards Outstanding Filipino Alumnus From The Manila Times [Video]


The Texas A&M University Awards Dante Ang, the President, Executive Editor, and Chief Executive Officer of The Manila Times as one of its six distinguished alumni. The Manila Times is the fourth largest and oldest existing newspaper in the Philippines.

Foremost, the Texas A&M University is the state's first public institution of higher education and research. All in all, it has turned many students into today's successful men and women since 1890. For 127 years, the school has only given the "Distinguished Alumnus Award" to 146 people.

According to The Manila Times website, Ang received the recognition on Sunday morning (Manila time). The ceremony happened as part of the Alumni Awards Gala at the Commerce campus' Raybum Student Center. Ang is currently 48 years old.

Per the same source, he started his inherited passion for news writing at this University. His father, Dr. Dante Arevalo Ang, publisher of the obsolete Filipino broadsheet "Kabayan", introduced writing to the younger Ang.

The awardee chose Texas A&M mainly because of its Journalism program. A natural newsman at heart, Ang was named as the editor of the university newspaper "The East Texan". He also became an editor at the college magazine called "The Special".

For the record, he graduated in 1990 and got his first job as a reporter for the Tulsa Tribune in Oklahoma. During this time, he covered state and local politics until 1992. After that, Ang became the Vice-President for Marketing at the Bell Publishing Corp. In it, he pioneered the distribution outlets in Rome for "Diwalian", which is basically a monthly publication for overseas Filipino workers.

In 1993, Ang returned to the Philippines and eventually took a job in "Kabayan" as public relations consultant. His family then acquired Philippine's first English broadsheet, The Manila Times, roughly two decades after. Humble as he is, Ang said in an interview that he cannot take full credit because the award was the result of a team effort.

On another note, Kcentv reported that Texas A&M is now working to make solar panels cost effective for cities and businesses. The university installed $700,000 electron microscope to study alternative materials for solar panels. Typically, panels convert 12 to 18 percent of the sun's energy into electricity. Well, this only proves that Texas A&M is truly an elite university.

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