The Modern Workplace May Be Making Employees More Physically And Mentally Ill [Video]


Through the years, there have been a lot of changes in the office setting. The modern workplace has always been evolving but, while there are benefits, there have also been some drawbacks.

One of the main issues surrounding the modern workplace and modern employees is burnout. 95 percent of human resource leaders say that employee burnout is having a significantly negative impact on workforce retention.

Some of the reasons for employee burnout are unfair compensation, unreasonable workload as well as too much overtime work. However, not all issues are under the control of the HR department. There are burnout factors that fall under the responsibility of talent management, employee development and leadership.

According to Quartz, the modern workplace has led to feelings of extreme loneliness in employees due to the rise of the freelance economy. While this appears to be a move in the further digitization of the office, along with it comes the lonely business of being a freelancer.

The lack of social interaction, even seemingly mundane ones like small talk or just running into someone on the way to one's desk, can have a negative impact in one's body and brain. Thus, there are concerns that the modern workplace could be making people sick, physically and mentally.

It was noted that extreme loneliness can shorten lifespans and destroy the brains potential resulting to lowered intelligence. A study by Brigham Young University researchers found that the negative effect of a lack of interaction with others is similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Loneliness is also said to affect one's hormonal signals. This can also lead to increase the body's vulnerability to infections and diseases.

It was previously reported that a collaborative work environment can drive top performers away. They often feel miserable and socially isolated in this type of work environment. This is because, rather than viewing them as role models, mediocre employees see them as threats to either their own position or to their own feelings of self-worth.

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