Career 101: How Fresh Graduates Can Overcome Self-Doubt And Impostor Syndrome [Video]


It's not easy for fresh graduates as they transition from being a student to joining the corporate world. There are lots of challenges along the way and, sometimes, these can make them question whether they are truly ready to become adults and pursue their dreams.

Aside from the stiff competition in the job market like in applying for jobs, one of the major challenges that fresh graduates face is actually when they join a company or an organization. With all the great people in the job market today, it's easy for fresh graduates to feel as if the company that hired them made a mistake in the recruitment process.

This is known as the Impostor syndrome. It is when fresh graduates question their capabilities and doubt themselves in terms of the career path that they choose.

According to Thrive Global, this term was coined by clinical psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne A. Imes in 1978. It is characterized by a nagging fear of being exposed as a "fraud" as well as an inability to internalize accomplishments.

A lot of people have these bouts of self-doubt. It was noted that high-achieving people are usually the ones who doubt themselves and feel undeserving of the acclamation they receive.

To combat this, it is important that fresh graduates become aware of the times that they experience these feelings first. In knowing the things that can lead up to feelings of self-doubt, young professionals can prepare themselves in handling the issue.

Talking openly to others about your feelings can also help. Look for support from those who also went through the same problems and who were able to overcome it.

Also, remember that failure does not mean that one is wrong. There is no shame in asking for help as well as in understanding that there is still a lot of things that one needs to learn.

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