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Hyperloop One Chooses 11 Possible U.S. Routes [Video]


After its announcement of its completion of its test track in Nevada the company calls Devloop, Hyperloop One presented 11 potential Hyperloop sites or routes across the U.S. In a recent two-day event held in Washington DC, it showcased its "Vision for America." The 11 routes were developed by teams that are independent of the company, and were selected based on the feasibility of the projects.

Futurism reported that the two-day event, Hyperloop event had two purposes: 1] the evaluation of the eleven route proposals for the high-speed transit system, and 2] meet with federal regulators during the event in Washington regarding getting the system up and running.

The 11 potential future routes site, including links that could take riders from Chicago to Columbus, Las Vegas to Reno, or Denver to Boulder. Other possible routes include New York-D.C., Columbus to Pittsburgh, Portland to Seattle, Dallas to Austin, Kansas City to Columbia (Missouri), Miami to Orlando, and Los Angeles to San Diego, Fortune reported.

Hyperloop One contends that Hyperloop links would have economic impacts. Manufacturing plants, for instance, can relocate to cheaper lands, and let their workers live farther from city centers, greatly reducing hours lost due to traffic.

Though the company stresses on the shortened commute times, freight services are given a second billing. Though they may be challenges, Hyperloop One previously announced that freight services would be the company's primary business focus.

Hyperloop One released a video last year for a proposed 106-mile network that will connect Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in which the pods will complete the journey in less than 15 minutes. In America, putting up a Hyperloop system would require a significant amount of funding, alongside overcoming many state regulations.

With that, it may seem that Dubai would be the most likely location for the first ever Hyperloop system.

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