Arrivo: New Hyperloop Company Claims To Be Operational In 3 Years [Video]

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Former Hyperloop One co-founder, Brogan BamBrogan struck out on his own to put up Arrivo with plans to establish an operational hyperloop in just three years.

The new startup company, Arrivo will be based in Los Angeles, same as where the Hyperloop One is located. BamBrogan acts as CEO, joined by six other co-founders. All are former executives, and engineers from SpaceX, Hyperloop One, and AECOM, Fortune reported.

Arrivo plans

Arrivo's seven co-founders expect to have at least 80 employees by year's end. Backed by undisclosed investors, BamBrogan says they want to operate a large cargo mover by 2020 using the hyperloop concept employing self-driving pods "floating" hundreds of miles an hour inside low-friction passageways.

He says moving cargo is a good method to show the system works while ironing out problem areas without risk of injury or killing anybody, at the same time bringing in some revenue. Accordingly, the company lined up funding and reportedly in talks with various clients to produce hyperloop systems.

Arrivo will have to overcome hurdles if it plans to push through with its plans. There technical issues that has yet to be resolved, along with safety regulations that has yet to be defined. Construction of the loop itself face challenges that could limit setting them up in many regions.

Arrivo backstory

BamBrogan, a former SpaceX Engineer left Hyperloop One last year amid lawsuits and countersuits. He Hyperloop One, a company he co-founded, and its officers for breach of contract defamation, and wrongful termination.

Defendants named in the suit included Hyperloop co-founder Shervin Pishevar, his brother Afshin, and CEO Rob Lloyd. The accusations were refuted by Hyperloop One and cited that BamBrogan and the other three plaintiffs were planning to put up a rival company. They charge Bambrogan's group is in violation of non-compete and non-disparagement clauses.

The lawsuit was settled in November, ending a high-profile court battle that revealed salacious accusations against Hyperloop One and exposed serious in fighting. Details of the settlement were not disclosed, however, it would seem the non-compete clauses in the settlement were withdrawn. Proof is BamBrogan was able to put up Arrivo, according to Engadget.

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