UC Davis Students Recommend Optional Display Of American Flag During Meetings [Video]


The student government of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), wants to amend a bylaw requiring the display of the American flag at all meetings. According to them, the nation's symbol is now triggering misunderstandings from different people. Basically, as student senate member Itmar Waksman told one media outfit, the "concept of the United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual."

Per The Blaze, another student Senator, Becca Payne, supported the claims of Waksman. The same source noted that Payne earlier told a different media outfit, CBS 13 KOVR-TV, that the flag represents "capitalism, colonialism, and the genocide of indigenous people." Payne added that this is one of the reasons why they "do not want the flag" in meetings.

The student Senate Bill 76 states that no compulsory display of the flag during any Associated Students, University of California, Davis (ASUCD) Senate meetings will take place. Fox News also reported that the anti-American bill was introduced by a recently naturalized citizen, student Senator Jose Meneses, It further noted that the flying of the flag must be "at the discretion" of the student Senate and it will only do so if "necessary".

To further elaborate on the matter, the Senate Bill 76 also mentioned that "the flag is seldom present at Senate meetings". Therefore, it should not be mandated by Bylaws as an ordered practice. Under the new rules, any student senator who wants to display the flag must file a petition. The Senate Pro Tempore will then approve or reject the motion, or organize a Senate vote.

Do note that the students at UC Davis did not issue an "outright ban" of the American flag during student government meetings. They only made the display optional because, according to them, the flag is a symbol that is "too controversial". Additionally, the administrators at UC Davis clarified that they do not reflect the views of their students. The officials have distanced themselves from the move and stressed that "it is strictly a student issue."

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