Bill Belichick And His Take On Succes; Ditching Social Media Is The Way To Go [Video}


The head coach of the New England Patriots says Millennials should learn how to ditch their social media interests and start putting their energies into building "real relationships". Obviously, he hates social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, the question is: Why?

Apparently, per CNBC, Bill Belichick dislikes online relationships because of one simple reason: Success. The term, according to him, comes from "relationships with people" in real life. He added that success does not happen from strangers who "like" someone's profile online. Belichick explained this in a recent interview with the same network.

As a matter of fact, the coach traced his own career achievements and realized that his achievements took place with the help of many coaches, football analysts, and his own players. All of them, he said, he took time to know "authentically". In the end, real success is practically about connections and Belichick does not want the youth to waste their times building imaginary ladders to victory.

On the other hand, the 64-year-old coach provided three more career lessons that will help most of the young people in or out of the sports scene. First, he said that everyone should know that talent deficit is beaten by hard work. Tom Brady, the legendary NFL player, is "not a great natural athlete". However, Belichick noted that "nobody has worked harder than Tom."

Success, therefore, is not all about talent but "dependability, consistency, and understanding." Second is that the youth should never be afraid to fight for their "crazy-great ideas". They must have the courage to stand firm for what they truly believe in, as long as it is right. Lastly, Belichick said that any career must be motivated by "one thing" and "one thing only": Love.

Well, the coach really had some time to let his guard down and give the world a glimpse of his personal and professional life. According to NFL, Belichick is the second oldest coach in the league today. He is just behind Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll. Nevertheless, Belichick seems to be fit to continue for quite more years and he still enjoys the game.

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