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Sony Building PlayStation 5 To Lead The Console World, PS5 Powerful Than Xbox Scorpio With More Than 10 Teraflops Of Power [VIDEO]


Sony is gearing up the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 to lead the console universe. The PS5 will be more powerful compared to the Xbox Project Scorpio that Microsoft will unleash in late 2017.

The Redmond, Washington based tech titan touted its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio as its most powerful gaming system. The Xbox Project Scorpio will feature six teraflops of processing power and offers 4K games and videos. The Xbox Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg, made it known that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be the last gaming console generation.

Nonetheless, Wall Street Analyst at Macquarie Damian Thong, claimed that Sony's PlayStation 5 console will be more powerful compared to Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio with more than 10 teraflops of power. Thong believes that the Japanese tech giant will roll out the PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2018. By the way, Thong is the tech analyst who made correct predictions about Sony's PlayStation 4 slim and PlayStation 4 Pro, Market Exclusive reported.

Sony will not unveil PlayStation 5 gaming console anytime soon. Some tech and gaming experts confidently believed in this also. The much awaited PlayStation 5 is reportedly under the preparation process, Mic reported.

As the PlayStation 4 console was known to deliver a remarkable virtual reality (VR) experience, the PS5 is also expected to be up for grabs with a top of the line virtual reality support. Sony's upcoming gaming system will be available in two different variants and each model will offer a different set of specs. The PlayStation 5 is expected to have a $500 price tag.

Game enthusiasts are also anticipating the upcoming Sony gaming system to offer a 4K support along with AMD powered chips. Nevertheless, the tech company will likely remain wise enough to keep the price of the PlayStation 5 similar to its previous gaming systems. 

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