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PlayStation 5 Latest News: PS5 With ‘GTA 6’ To Launch In 2019: PlayStation 5 In Two Variants With VR Headset [VIDEO]


Sony is reportedly gearing up a massive launch for its highly anticipated gaming system, the PlayStation 5. Recently surfaced reports claimed that the PS5 will be released in two models with VR Headset and will provide the open world action-adventure third-person shooter game, "GTA 6."

Game enthusiasts will just have to be patient for the release of PlayStation 5 in the gaming world. Sony made it known that even if the upcoming gaming console was showcased at the E3 event, the device will not roll out anytime soon.

The PlayStation 5 was heavily anticipated would be launched together with the upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter game, "GTA 6." Rockstar Games is reportedly working on a new GTA installment at the moment and the game might launch in 2019. Tech experts are claiming that Sony will wait until 2019 to unleash the PlayStation 5, according to I4U News.

Sony could have decided to release the PS5 in 2019 for the reason that the tech giant does not want an instant counterpart to Microsoft's soon to be released Xbox Project Scorpio. Nonetheless, the PS5 will be up for grabs with virtual reality (VR) headset, and the gaming system is expected to have the same success of PS4 in terms of an amazing VR experience. The PlayStation 5 is said to be available in two technically improved models.

Some tech experts claim that PS5 will come along with a photorealistic graphics. The PlayStation 5 is also expected to have a higher bandwidth

Meanwhile, as game fans are expecting Sony's next-gen console, Microsoft decided to reveal the full specs list of its Xbox Project Scorpio. Therefore, Rockstar Games could be waiting for the two upcoming gaming systems to be released until it starts developing the new instalment of GTA. Nevertheless, both Sony and the Redmond, Washington based tech titan have not confirmed the official release date of their next-gen consoles, News 4C reported.

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