USC Annual Robotics Openhouse: Kids Get Their Hands On Robots; A Most Memorable Field Trip [Video]


The USC Annual Robotics Open House lets schoolchildren learn about how robots will change the future. Kids get to play with robots in the most popular school field trip by USC Viterbi School of Engineering. This year's robotics event was extra special for the visiting children.

The USC Annual Robotics Openhouse showcased more than 50 robots that students can interact with, USC News reported. The interactive demonstrations show the schoolchildren how robots will help the society in the future. These robots can aid humanity in fields such as environmental protection, education, health, security, and communication.

The event displayed various drones communicating with each other autonomously. The USC annual Robotics Openhoue also featured underwater robots that can help preserve marine life. The event also demonstrated how robots walk and how robot programming and brain circuitry are interconnected.

The visiting students and their teachers watched the short film, "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth," which was produced USC Viterbi and is about robots, autism, and dinosaur. The event, which was organized by USC in partnership with National Robotics Week, runs from April 8 to 16.

Teaching children these advancements is important since there are claims that the world is on the brink of a robotics revolution, Technology Review reported. According to reports, in the next twenty to forty years the line between robotics and biology will become very blurred. In the future robots can enter the human body to kill cancer, help humans explore other planets, or become companions to avoid loneliness.

In the near future, robots will have biological counterparts for body, stomach, and brain. This can be achieved by strong research on synthetic biology, smart materials, and artificial intelligence. These robots will be present in human being's daily lives from the environment to personal health care, and the USC Annual Robotics Openhouse wet the beak of its guests with this possibility.

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